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You've GOT to be kidding me!

Nov 22, 2010 - 2 comments

Last night i was flipping through the tv channels and came across a show on Discovery Health called. 8 boys... and i want a girl! (or something similiar). The show focused on 4 women. All of who had 4 or more boys and were desperate to have a girl. The first woman had 8 boys. she always wanted a girl and even though she was 43 and her periods were erratic, she and her husband were going to try on their own. Fertility treatments did not cross their mind. the 2nd woman, had 4 boys and she too wanted a girl so desperately, that she would walk up and down the aisles at the toy store with her boys, urging them to buy the pink toys. She had gotten pregnant with their 5th child naturally after using all the methods she found on the internet on the best way to conceive a girl. At her ultrasound, she found out she was having another boy and broke down in a fit of desperate tears. The last 2 women had 4 boys each and both did IVF with PGD to try to get their girls. The first woman was successful and had twin girls, the 2nd women had tried 3 times with no luck and was beyond devastated. i couldn't help but be sickened watching this show. Here these women were soooo blessed to have all the healthy children they had naturally and I couldn't believe how some of them were carrying on. The husband of the woman that found out she was having another boy, said she has been miserable and tough to take and the boys they have can sense it all. She said she wished women were able to just pick what they were having. I wanted to slap her! Most of us on this board, would have slapped her too. I just don't get it. I guess i never will. just like those that don't have fertility problems dont get the heartache and hardships that those of us struggling with trying to have a baby(be it our 1st, 2nd or 10th) have.  

I get that most women would like to have a girl given they are women and would like someone to do the "girl" stuff with - mani's/pedi's, shopping excursions etc but i don't get how they could be miserable over having a healthy boy baby!

I also don't get how God can bless them with that many children when they are so ungrateful for them. I guess in the same way that i don't get how god blesses the drug addicts/dealers that get pregnant at the drop of a hat and either give up the baby because they are in jail or can't take care of the baby. there must be some rhyme or reason to all of this but for the life of me, i don't get it.

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by bernie40, Nov 22, 2010
I agree with you!  Children are a precious gift.  Those poor little boys will feel that they weren't wanted by their mother and that is just so sad :(  A friend of mine has 3 boys, she would love a girl but she has decided that she will not keep having babies in the hope of having a girl and will remain a good mother to her 3 boys.  She did have a baby girl before her 3 boys who was sadly stillborn and I so admire her for being so un-selfish and not going down the road of numerous babies in a quest for a girl.

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by Marietta2000, Dec 31, 2010
I just read this, and I so agree with your Kris.  It's a real disgrace actually!  My mum always told me of this distant in-law who was girl mad!!!  She always said she never wanted a son.  Anyway, she had two girls and a boy.  The boy was the youngest.  She totally fussed over her girls, and treated her son (and other boys) with total disdain!!  Anyway, when he was about three years old, he was diagnosed with an incurable brain turmour.  My mum always said he was the most gorgeous little boy, with huge brown eyes and curly hair.  He died at five years of age.  I don't think his mother ever got over the loss.

I really hate all this boy/girl thing.  To be honest, before I ever had kids, I always told myself I only ever wanted girls.  When I got pregnant, I was just so happy, I don't think I cared, and then, when I went for my U/S and found out I was having a little boy, my heart got so warm, and I felt so, so proud!!!!  Of course it's nice to have a 'mini me', as they say, and I felt so lucky when I was told my second child was a girl.  But, if she had been a boy, I would have been over the moon too!!!  I think those people who go down that gender selection are made of different stuff.  I could just NEVER go there!  I don't want to be critical of others, but for me, it's just not right.  Every child is precious, and none should be discarded.  

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