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Strange feeling waiting

Nov 24, 2010 - 2 comments

It's a strange feeling waiting for our next ultrasound in 2 weeks. With no nausea and no symptoms except for am increase in appetite, we have no idea whether it's stll alive in there. It's funny. With a normal pregnancy I am sure people don't even worry at all. It sounds stupid but I would rather have nausea right now so I at least know something is going on.

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by klr2650, Nov 24, 2010
I totally understand. With my pregnancy, i had no other symptons other than the 1st few weeks with extra sore boobs, but went away (i think) after 6-7weeks gestation. I sailed thru until 5months, when the heartburn started to the point of me throwing up almost everynight despite my every attempt to prevent it with Quickeze, Mucaine, Gaviscon etc I ended up having a girl who liked to sit high. She was 41 weeks gestation and never engaged...12hrs of non progessing labour, then an emergeny c-section was scheduled.
Anyway, i got a bit away from the point i was trying to make. Positive thinking usually prevails in most situations.
Sit tight, this ones a keeper!!

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by gilkesy, Nov 24, 2010
Thanks alot for your words of support. It really helps to vent on Med help and see what you girls think. My husband doesnt usually want to talk when he gets home from work, so ive been worrying for the both of us. I hope i can be the same support to you going through your next stage of the cycle. xx

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