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Nov 24, 2010 - 4 comments

so it is contractions rather than plain Braxton Hicks, and midwife made it quite clear that baby isnt cooked yet and its best to keep baby in. She said to rest and if the pains get bad to goto the main hospital and not call her at the little unit, i will need drugs from the main hospital which is also equipped for the baby should drugs prove not to be effective and baby puts in an apearence, she said the sooner i goto hospital the better for both me and baby. I have a couple of friends on stand by as hubby is in London still, ive started knitting a small blanket for baby, my bid to sit quiet and not do to have a bath and then bed in a minute or two xx

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by leanne95, Nov 24, 2010
make sure to rest, kniting will keep you busy yet not active and if it gets any worse dont hang about, get strait to the hospital x

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by PrincessJam, Nov 24, 2010
I had been having braxton hicks for a few weeks now, once or twice a day.  Then all the sudden on Friday I was in extreme pain so my husband took me to the hospital.  They think the pain is causing the contractions but they started coming every 3-4 minutes. I was given a shot to stop them, which worked through the night but they started back up on Saturday. I got 2 steriod injections too for the babies lungs in case he/she does decide to come early... I was in the hospital until yesterday afternoon, now I'm at home resting on the couch, and only up to the bathroom. I can shower with help, and am on a medication every 4 hours to keep the contractions at bay.

If your contractions don't stop, or you have more than 6 an hour, I would recommend going to the hospital so they can monitor you, and get you the proper meds to stop the contractions and to help give you steriods in case your baby wants to come early too.  

Let's keep each other posted on how we are doing.. hopefully I won't go too stir crazy!!

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by JessWishes, Nov 26, 2010
Thinking of you sweet. Hope all is well and kids are looking after you. Just sorry i havn't been able to see you again before the baby arives. Keep me posted xxx

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by loved29, Nov 26, 2010
hello natasha. i hope ur ok. rest lots. xx

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