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Day 98- I have my life back!!

Nov 25, 2010 - 0 comments

Life back!



I am on day 98 of freedom from tramadol.  I finally feel better.  I am my old self again- about at 95% or more.  My energy is back and the depression is gone.  I am sleeping good most nights now. My daughter who does not know about my addiction told me, "mom, you seem so much happier lately.  You are a nicer person! and you are not so groughy any more"  Wow!  I know this change is due to being off the trams.  I wont lie- there have been moments that I have been close to taking one (my husband is still on them), but I have somehow stopped myself and now I feel I am over the hump.  Her saying that to me was a blessing.  I know I was not being the person who God made me to be.  It bothered me every single day while I was taking them.  Now the addiction is not in the way of my faith, my relationships or anything else.  I am so thankful to God for giving me strength to be free.  Now He can use me in new and better ways to serve others and especially my family and friends.

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