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Bed Rest

Aug 29, 2008 - 3 comments

I have been on bed rest since wednesday as I started having contractions and it will be until the end of the pregnancy. Fionn is already head down and 'engaged' as Dr Dworkin put it, so I feel alot of pressure. I am going to just stay put and let Fionn bake for a couple more weeks.

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by alaskacouple, Aug 29, 2008
Enjoy your relaxation and bed rest. (good thing you got nursery done early :-))

Time to get a laptop and lots of good books and magazines!

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by Helen72, Aug 29, 2008
What an impatient baby boy!  :)
Enjoy some rest before your baby comes!

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by MelosMom219, Oct 23, 2012
Hello! I'm new to this forum..but going crazy on bed rest. A little history-I Reason for stitch is an early pregnancy in 98, 2 lb 14oz -lost baby to SIDS, early 34 week pregnancy in 01'  baby was 8 lbs 12 oz and had congenital heart disease (first curcloge n c section) baby only lived 2weeks. In 2003 had my daughter full term, 9 lbs 14 oz c section n curcloge. She's 9 years old now and I'm expecting. I went for a regular doc visit in which they check my stitch in my cervix n weight. I'm 24 weeks and the sono tech is all frantic-mind you I feel great, no complaints. Come to find out my cervix is less than a centimeter long, stitch still in place. She tells me to immediately go to Good Sam n meet my doctor in the emergency room. I'm getting nervous but mind you feeling good. My fiancĂ© meets me at hospital n come to find out they want to keep me until I'm 28 weeks! WHAT!? I lose it..Well at 28 weeks they discharge me because I am stable, now on bed rest at home. Can't clean up, cook, nothing...I'm now 2-weeks home n feel nutty..all emotional --about when baby comes n how will I will I go back to work leaving my little man :( I'm a mess!!!!

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