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Gynaecology Appt

Dec 22, 2010 - 1 comments

LH blood test




ultrasound probe



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by loved29, Dec 23, 2010
Not the nicest afternoon i've ever had but it's better to be doing something than nothing.

Lovely morning at work with the children, left at 12, chips for lunch then had a bath. trying desperately to relax a bit. it horrible when you don't know what to expect. Anyway we walked there thru the snow which was lovely got there for 3 (half an hour early) then were weighed and measured as new patients....then waiting...and waiting...and waiting...the waiting is awful.

An hour later...the dr asked loads of questions about us about and the tests and samples we'd already given. Then took swabs from me (painful!!) and stuck a probe in to see my ovaries. It was interesting to see it on the screen but i have to say i don't really know what i was looking at. Anyway the dr was kind if a little difficult to understand and it's good to know i don't have any cysts or anything like that.

Now I have to have blood tests on CD 2-4 i think that's for LH and something else. Then they want to check my tubes for blockages. He said to take painkillers before that i'm quite nervous about it.

On a positive note i don't need to look for another job as the family want me to work for them still 2 mornings a week instead of 2 days a week - but if i've got all these appointments to attend it probably good i'm working less hours.

Love to all

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