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Some Good News :)

Nov 27, 2010 - 0 comments

Heyy so i havent been here in a while.
I have good/bad or whatever you would make of it.
I quit my addiction to E , with no help from anyone, i simply moved 2 hours away from town to attend college :). Id go back home to see all my friends every weekend, then every 2 weekends. I stoped taking E & just smoked or drank with my friends. But as a result ive been smoking weed much more. but isint that better ? :) i only drink once in a while on the weekends. but drinking with me was never an issue.

Now im in a new town for college.
My notes are all between 80-98
I still smoke weed everyday but it has not effected my education in anyway.
I still visit all my friends every 2 weekends :) & also keep time for new college friends.

well thats pretty much it fr now,.. i just wanted to leave an update ! :)

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