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My Path To Being Clean. Somewhat.

Nov 27, 2010 - 0 comments

So of course it took me time.. and it also got worst before it got better.
Some nights i had consummed 10 pills or more of e.
Me & my friends partied everyday. Some days i would stay clean and go to work. or come in the day after i partied.
During this time of always being high. i tryed other drugs too. Mushrooms & acid. im glad i dint go to anyother drugs.
i must admit i loved mushrooms. but its not around often so big plus fo me. i only do it when it comes to town.

Im not sober but i am much more then i was at a time. and that means alot.
so like i said in my other journal , i smoke weed everyday & drink every once in a while :)
of course in time i will pull away from weed. but thats not now. because i dint decide to yet haha :)
& its only when you want something that you can do it for yourself.

If you guys wanna ask any questions about anything ! dont be shy :)

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