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giving it a rest from ttc!

Jan 10, 2008 - 0 comments

well i joined this forum i dont know like 2 months ago, a few months after beginning ttc, and weve had some hopeful times when my period was late, some spotting, different symptoms, but no +hpt yet! it just stresses the both of us out every time we get a negative and plus you have to wait soooo long to get even that with hopes building up and tension! lol soooo we are putting it off for a while or just letting what happens happen we are both so tired of being disappointed. plus we are young we have plenty of time and a good life going on with our two girls right now i just get this baby fever like crazy with my first fixing to be off to school. what will i do???!!! haha but everythings good someone once told me the minute i stop worrying about it it will happen lol. we will see! but for now the fight is OFF :) its kinda a relief!

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