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More allegations of unneccesary use of coronary stents-Now in Texas

Nov 29, 2010 - 1 comments

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More controversial developments and allegations of unneccesary use of coronary stents are being raised in a Texas medicla community. The case is similar to an ongoing investigation in Baltimore and other areas. It raises great concern about who is responsible for the direct oversight of physician activities. Medicine is still an art and sometimes there are several ways to treat a patient. There are also wrong ways to treat.

Read the story and post comments about how you think patients should manage the uncertainty. I have been a patient and I have had the same concerns.

More 'unnecessary stenting' allegations—this time in Texas
November 25, 2010 | Shelley Wood
Austin, TX and Towson, MD - Questions about unnecessary stent procedures have reared their head again, this time in Texas. The Texas Medical Board alleges that Austin/El Paso interventional cardiologist Dr Samuel J DeMaio failed to meet the standard of care in his treatment of nine patients.

According to a Complaint filed by the Board on August 17, 2010 [1], DeMaio committed a number of standard-of-care violations by placing multiple stents in areas of insignificant or moderate disease; performing multiple angiograms in patients who were asymptomatic and had normal stress tests; unnecessarily implanting an ICD in two patients; failing to adequately inform patients of risks; and failing to obtain informed consent for the off-label use of a device in one patient.

http://www.theheart.org/article/1156973.do  To read the entire article visit heart wire and view

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by AMG3369, Dec 02, 2010
Hi Dr. Kirksey,

I have a dr. that is very careful with his patients. I cannot understand why he pushes stints and comadin. I had a blockage in1989. The doc did an Atherectomy . Am I ever thankful. I know they are risky and need someone special to do them, but I have not had it repeated or has it failed. The blockage to this point is only 40%. Staying away from red meat has helped a lot.I know a lot of people that have had trouble with the stints. My doc and I have had conversations about them and he clearly understands that I will not have a stint. There is a doc in his office that does the' roto-rotor' and I told him to plan on it.
Alice Granberry

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