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to have more or not to have more..

Nov 30, 2010 - 0 comments

So lately the talk between DH and I has been, do we have one more or are 2 beautiful girls enough? We always talked about having 3 kids, but these days, it feels like 2 is just right. If we do try for another, we would start trying relatively soon (I know Emma is only 6 months, but it took forever to get preggers last time..) It's pretty much up to me now, DH is happy with the girls (and so am I), but I always felt like 3 was the right number for us. Plus, I really would like to be pregnant one last time, as I didn't treat Emma's pregnancy like my last (as I was expecting we would have another). Plus there's the financial aspect of it..Can we afford another (in the long term more than anything. We would like to be able to pay for Uni/College for our kids if that what they choose they want to do) and also it would set us back at least a few years to buying a house..IDK...

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