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My Goal in Life?.. My Life.

Nov 30, 2010 - 3 comments



my life















My Goal in Life is to someday get married and have kids. I want to learn from all the mistakes I have seen in my life and in the World. I want to raise beautiful heathly kids that I will love no matter what. I want them to have parents that love them for who they are, who care and appreciate them. I want them to feel like than can come to me and feel like I want judge them or get angry.

I'm fifteen. Jamie, he is my boyfriend for nearly a year and a half, other than that .. I wouldn't be here today..He's all I got. My father left my mother, my twin and I when I was one. Ever now and agein he gets in contact. He struggles to keep relationships and moves onto different girls quickly he suffers from depression ( When he's depressed thats usually when he gets in contact) my mother Is a single mother and has raised me and my sister up all by herself. Shes very busy and stressed out most of the time. I find it very difficult to talk to her. She suffers from anemia? And is constantly tired and grumpy. We aren't very close at all. I struggle to talk to her about the most important things that go on it a young teenagers life like first bra, first period and sex. She doesnt ever try to understand. Me and my boyfriend recently became sexually active.. we both talked about it several times. Only concern at the moment is a unplanned pregnancy. We are both SUPER save but are only relying on the condom as I am only 15 I'm not legal but will be in 20 days...but that its self is a whole new drama. I dont really have many friends as they have all changed and moved on. Jamie's all I have I get depressed sometimes.. and self harm. I have a bit of a eating disorder and sometimes do not eat. And Have I problem with sleeping I usually stay up to 2am and wake up and 8am. That's my life so far.. My future goals are to move out of home and get away from everything here. To get married and Have a few kids.

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by sweetpea03, Sep 10, 2011
I am sorry to hear about your family struggles, but you seem to have your head on straight and are good about protecting yourself against pregnancy so that you can have a good future. A goal to have a family is great, but what is your goal in regards to a career? There are many wonderful career options out there that may be a great fit for you. Maybe a teacher, nurse, doctor, therapist, office worker, or something else. Are you looking to go to college?

A lot of teens can't talk to their parents about many things, myself included, as I never spoke to my mom about many things back when I was a teen. Though as you get older your relationship with her can change and get better(or worse, though I hope it doesn't go that way).  Just try hard not to dwell on the negatives that happen in your life and look at all you do have. You have a very hardworking mom who did everything she could to provide for you and your siblings, you have a good bf who is there for you, and so on. Also, if you can, look for ways to get help with your eating disorder. Your body needs nutrients and not eating/with holding those nutrients from your body can cause a number of problems down the line in regards to your health. Hope you are doing well.

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by AnnieBrooke, Sep 10, 2011
Between then and now, i.e., between being 15 today and being a married woman with a family some day, take some time for being in your early 20s with nothing more to do but find your job and figure out yourself.  I don't mean nightclubs and drinking, I mean the joy of being in charge of your own life and having nobody to report to, or to serve.  (Once you have kids, please believe me, wonderful though it is, your life is not your own for years.  My friend once called it "twenty years of involuntary solitude.")  My cousin told me the other day that when she was done with college, and had her first good job, she had so much fun.  Lots of money, nobody to spend it on but herself.  Would drive into the big city and have a blast.  It's an important part of life, and lets you decide who you are before you are in a really long-term commitment relating to other people and their needs.  Good luck, please also in there at some point talk to a counselor about the self-harm.  It's not the best signal about what is going on in your heart, if harming yourself feels better than not.

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by BambiCambi, Sep 10, 2011
Thanks that was awhile ago.. I am now on the Noriday the mini as a suffer from migraines, I  know its not as affect which ***** but me and my boyfriend still use a condom no matter what. Me and my mums relationship if anything has gone down hill more and she still doesn't understand. I'm in contact with my dad at the moment but I haven't heard from him for 2 weeks and probably won't for another 2 years. I have this year and Next year left of school and then my plans after that are to go to Auckland University where I am going to study psychology, with that I want to help young children. My boyfriend and I have discussed having kids and we want to wait until we both have stable jobs and are financially ready (roughly around the age of 25) I haven't self harmed in over 6 months and don't have any plans on it. I have also found since being on Noriday I have an increased appetite and have gained weight. I have gone from 37kg to 45kg which at first was very hard to cope with at the start but I have come to terms with it. My boyfriend goes of to Auckland university next year (which is 3 hours away from me! :[ ) he is studying computer science, he's very nerdy and good with computers, it's going to be very hard without him but we've made a plans. That's pretty much my life so far! Thanks  (:

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