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Shot 3

Nov 29, 2010 - 0 comments




Did it myself this time like a big girl.  Went to the class today..finally!  LOL.  Pegasys lady taught us STRAIGHT in...I questioned it, and she said it is easier to teach that way because people get a wiggy about 45 degrees, 70 degrees. etc. and straight in will work just fine a roonie!  
FAT question for the 3rd time from a HEALTH Official: Actually...fourth.  Peg. instructor, Doctor, Nurse, Nutritionist, Pharmacist all said that SAME:" ONE PAT OF BUTTER on your Toast with am pills is PERFECT amount of FAT.  You will not ruin your liver/ gallbladder/ gain weight by using pills as an excuse to eat a lot of junk, basically.  :)
NO Issues.  Going to Calif. to adopt a puppy and for the first time, getting up early in the day with make up on! and out the door all day.  The puppy is already working for me!

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