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I Got A Question..

Dec 02, 2010 - 2 comments

please help







What Are Some Good Prenatal Vitamins I Can Buy? I Just Wanna Know Which Ones Are Good To Take While TTC And Before TTC? Please Help Me Out Ladies Lol :)

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by RavenT, Dec 02, 2010
I would say that it depends on if you wanted natural or otherwise... Now me I am a pretty natural freak and would go with something that is food based so that your body does not have an issue digesting them... Natural fertility info .com has some info on them... She sells her own brand but you can check out other places that are cheaper... I am taking some that I get due to the gastric bypass and will probably switch over when they are gone... They say that you should take an iron tab separate so don't get one that has it included...

Hope this helps...

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by earthangle, Dec 02, 2010
I use to buy one a day prenatal took it for 3 months and got pregnant (tubal pregnancy) now am on citranatal my doc gave me.

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