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Dec 03, 2010 - 0 comments










Hey Im back now. I have been dealing with a lot of stress. Theres been some issues with some of my friends and I have just not been feeling all that good. I havent really been doing much lately and maybe thats the problem is my lack of motivation. I dont know but my parents dont really seem very understanding about how I feel. Also I am normally a very social type of girl but I havent felt like being out and when I got places I tend to get bummed out. I think my depression is worse now. So this is my update. I dont know when Ill be here. I will try to be here on this site soon but I know its been awhile. Also I am hoping no issues happen this year. I know last year I was worried about family problems happening on Christmas. So I am a bit worried about that agian but not as much as I was last year. Right now this other stuff is on my mind. Plus I was sick a lot last month with a cold and then a flu. So maybe thats part of why I have been down because of the weather changing and all that. Of course then theres issues with my friends and that I feel like lounging around the house instead of going out and stuff like I did. So I hope that I feel better soon. So this is what is going on right now. I was going to put this in my mood tracker but its more an update than anything else. So I just made this an entery in my journal. I was going to post some stuff but I didnt get around to it. I have to get ready soon because I have to go somewhere soon. So maybe I will post later today or in a few days or something when I dont have to go but I was trying to think of something to do and I thought about this site. So I came on here agian. Also I read some forums. So this is my update.

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