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Savella new medication

Dec 03, 2010 - 1 comments



new medications









I forgot about the rest of my appt. she also wants me to take Savella I think it is a new medication for Fibro.
My Ins will not pay for it, so she said she will beable to get me free samples every month.
If anyone have info on this medication please let me know about it!! Thanks

She is also trying to get apporoval for a MRI. About time! this is the 1st Dr. that see"s my pain and found the thyroid
and auto immune dieases. she knows iam not a drug addict or crazy oh the best one you get from dr's your just depressed!!!. I am in chonic pain everyday some days I feel like 100 years old.

Hugs Terri

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by HessyKat, Dec 05, 2010
Sending you some hugs and prayers. I also deal with chronic back pain from a fall years ago and had to have rods and back surgery done. Plus, dealing with these thyroid symptoms is one of the worse things I think Ive been through. Hope you are feeling better soon.

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