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Dec 04, 2010 - 0 comments

so it happened.  i slipped.  last monday b4 thanksgiving.  everyday since.  zero on hand this morning.  i'm in a bit of a fog, but i'm going to go try and work that out of my system at the gym soon.  

i have been working out more often.  my self esteem is better.  clothes easier to wear.

boyfriend and i are getting along again.  so tired of the ups and downs.  we actually saw each other 3 times this past week.  part of me wants to pull away and start dating other people, but the other part of me knows i did this many times and i always ended up wanting to go back to my homebase.  i  think i'm old enough now to know that he is the one i want to be with.  i have not experienced such the range of emotions as i have with him.  that's hard to walk away from- partly because i don't want to go through what we've been through with anyone else and partly because we have been through what we have been through- ups and downs, good/bad, happy/not-so-happy.

i still don't have a job.  i  hope that changes soon.  unemployment insurance will run out soon.

i had to apply for SSDI and am still waiting to hear back about whether or not i will receive it.  if i do...hmmmmmmm

as for sleep, it's been quite excessive, but at least i'm getting up early-usually before 6.  i either nap or sleep hella early

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