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saturday august 30th

Aug 30, 2008 - 4 comments

ok so i made myself breakfast today!!! it took me about 7 minutes to make i had a peanut butter banana sandwich on one slice of whole grain white bread. i dont know if thats good for you its just what i have, it was the cheapest one at target. i ate that i gobbled that down i love peanut butter banana sandwiches...but then i made myself a 1/2 cup of oatmeal and i sliced the rest of the banana into it and some frozen berries from the bag of frozen berries that i have in my freezer...except the only berries that came out were the blueberries...and blueberries make me sick...i couldnt finnish it...they litterally make me gag...i cant stomache them...but i at about a third of the whole thing so i calculated that i ate a total of 458 calories this morning...which seems kind of high since i didnt come close to finishing it...i added one pure cane sugar packet cause it had no sweetness to it.....but those calories are already accounted for....i calculated that i would have had another 100 calories had i finished it...mostly in the oats...bleh! next time im just doing a banana...maybe an apple..thats my favorite instant oatmeal is the cinnamon apple maybe ill try to do that...
....oooh i know what im gonna have for lunch!!!!! i was on men's health .com and i was reading their "eat this not that" stuff...i was on the arby's page...which is one of my biggest weaknesses i just love arby's and i never eat there cause it just seems like everything is sooo bad for you! anywho...their market sandwiches arent as healthy as they going to have a chicken cordon bleu sandwich at only 488 say thats pretty good! that would take me to about 1000 calories for today...leaving me another 500-700 calories for dinner...i get off earlier so i think im gonna make my ginger mustard chicken with some brown rice. i still need to go buy vegetables...but not until i get paid on the 5th....
ps....why does "d o t c o m" get asterisked out???

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by Ranaesheart, Aug 30, 2008
Hi Sweet Pea ~ Read your journal and am sorry you don't like blueberries; they're really good for you and one of my favorites.  Is is the taste or the texture?

YEAAHHHH YOOOUUU ... what a GREAT Job you are doing in recording your food and the calorie content.  Did you know that people who journal their food, on the average, lose twice as much weight as those who do not?

Your calculations for the total calories is right on!   I took the time to check them, based on your comments above, and calculated 412.  How many calories are you allowing yourself daily?  How many meals?  I try to keep my 3 meals from 300-400 calories per meal with the three meals not going higher than 1,200 daily.  I then allow myself 75-150 calories for each of my 3 snacks and strive to not exceed 300 calories per day.  Combined, I try to keep my calorie content at 1,400 to 1,500 per day.  

Since you said you really love peanut butter; thought I would share with you that each TBSP contains approximately 94 calories (72% fat, 12% carbs and 16% protein).  It is considered to be a poor calorie choice since it is very high in calories per gram 4.0 - 9.0 cal/g.  A better choice might be eating two servings of oatmeal or one serving of oatmeal and some fruit.

Keep up your WONDERFUL effort!  You're doing an Amazing Job and you should be extremely proud of yourself!

(((Supportive HHUGGGSSS!!!)))

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by melissajean, Aug 30, 2008
its both the taste and texture...their just not sweet enough...its like the taste of them seems really alkaline to me if that makes i like my fruit to be acidic like strawberries, oranges, not too fond of berries....except strawberries and i dont really like fresh raspberries or blackberries or boysenberries.....eeew....i cant even drink mixed berrry  fruit drinks....

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by peekawho, Aug 30, 2008 about smoothies?

Can you tolerate that?  Put 1 cup of skim (fat free) milk in the blender.  Add a small container of your favorite fat free or low fat flavored yogurt.  Add some frozen berries and a sliced banana.  Add a packet of Splenda if you want it sweeter.

Mix in the blender.

Frosty, creamy, goodness.  Very filling.

598026 tn?1222683306
by melissajean, Aug 30, 2008
yeah thats similar to the protein shake i make myself...i do:
1 banana
1/2 cup frozen berries
about 11/2 cups of vanilla almond juice
one scoop of my vanilla protein
and some ice if its not cold enough.
its really good its really pink but i only really taste the vanilla and a little banana....

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