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Post Ablation Observations.....

Dec 06, 2010 - 2 comments



Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome





Dec.6, 2010

Just a quick entry to report on my recovery progress.  The bruise on my leg has reach the crook in my knee, but the color is lightening up elsewhere, and the pain when the area is massaged has dimished a great deal.  I spent the weekend on vacation and did a lot of walking around, and was free of PVCs and of course SVT.  I continue to experience several short runs of weak tachycardia per day which drop out after 4 or 5 beats.  I look forward to speaking with my EP at a followup visit on December 20.  Basically though, I FEEL GREAT....but just a little aprehensive to test out my newly rewired heart.

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by claytex, Dec 08, 2010
Know just how you  feel, and it gets better every day... I really think it took me about 4 months for a full recovery.. things are great for me now... I never figured my heart would be this normal again.....but Im still a little cautious at times.. sorta still cant believe it...I have no pvs no afib nuttin.. just keeps a tickn at about 65 a minute...sounds like you are doing really good... ..  I refer to my heart as being rewired also...laffin...claytex

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by FreitasCD, Dec 11, 2010
Hi Tom,

I'm considering ablation for my PSVTs (my EP thinks that i have AVNRT based on holter and my symptoms).
it is very nice and encouraging to read your journal. Thank you and keep posting.
Sorry about my poor english (I live in Brazil).

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