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3rd IVF cycle- January 2011

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Have a beautiful 16 month old girl, but as we are older parents, we would like her to have a sibling and to try for a boy.  We so very much enjoy being parents.  By far, the happiest time in our lives.  We are scheduled for the January cycle through FCI in Chicago.  Started BCP's and awaiting period...

***Cycle 3:  Day 5 of shots, 1/12/11
300 Gonal-F's and 2 Menopur powders since 1/8/11.
Feeling great.  Zoey's sick so laying around with her and focused on her care.  As of today (day 5) 9 follicles and largest one is 8mm on the left ovary.  Estrogen is 175.

*** January 20, 2011
Last night increased GonalF to 450iu's and 3 powders of Menoupur.  In the morning today did 300 GonalF and 225 Menopur but wait for Cetrotide until eveining.  (Day 9 & 10).  Have 9 follicles yesterday from 22mm to 14mm.  Varied sizes.  Feeling bloated and blah.  Don't know if it's meds or just January grayness out.  Started cetrotide last night (Tuesday 1/19/11).  Did acupuncture at Lincoln Square Saturday, Tuesday, and will again on Thursday, the day before my egg retrieval.   Instructed to do Ovidrel shot (one or two, whatever I have) at 11PM exactly for a 9:30am Egg Retrieval.  No food or drink after midnight the night before the ER.  Also take 2 Azothro? with dinner Thursday night before ER.  

*** January 21, 2011 Friday
Egg Retrieval at 9:30am in Highland Park.  Had a tummy ache and was nervous.  Arrived 930am, went through procedures with nurse, undressed, and waited.  Around 11am, went in room, IV was put in and I was out in 2 seconds.  Very painless.  Woke up in room while having a conversation with nurses.  Waited for David to get called into room.  Gave me 2 Tylenols and a little more meds for pain coming on.  Wasn't bad, but felt like it could get worse.  Had 11 eggs and will hear in 2 days how many were mature and how many fertilized.  Went to lunch at Blue Grass in Highland Park with David, then headed home where MawMaw was caring for our Zoey.  Watched tv and MawMaw made us pork chops... what a sweetheart!  
Instructions:  continue Z=pak medicine (5 day antibiotics).  use Vicotin as needed.  No heavy lifting/carrying Zoey until pregnancy test on February 7th, Monday.  

*** January 22, 2011 Saturday
Pain killers- generic Vicodin or hydrocodone?.  Usually only need one but feels tight pulling in belly if I don't.  Went to lunch with Linda, Chi Yon, and Lisa... was definitely spacey, but Linda really helped keep me focused, and she drove.  Went to Pier One and got new dishes (fun happy ones!) and Bed Bath and Beyond for things to organize drawers and office.  Very uplifting... haha.  Zoey is being so happy and giggly... just adorable.  Watched Precious movie with Linda and David.

*** January 23, 2011 Sunday
Just got the call for Embryo Transfer at 7am Monday morning (tomorrow).  Bring valium and a huge bottle of water.  Using progesteone inserts 3x daily, a Z-pak, baby aspirin, and no lifting still.  My belly is so swollen that I look about 5 months pregnant already.  Eating freshly cut pineapple like craaazy!  Going to call and see if I should do acupuncture today and Wednesday or Thursday.  Oh I hope it works!  xoxo

*** January 24, 2011 Monday
7:10AM embryo transfer time in Highland Park.  Of course, we were late, but it was okay.  I was nervous and I hope that it didn't affect anything.  Had my usual embarrassing nervous stomach.  I think next time (if we have to) I don't eat for a day to avoid this?
4 viable embryos:  Goal: 6-8 cells with low fragmentation.
We have:
8 cell 5% fragmentation
8 cell 5% fragmentation
7 cell 25% fragmentation
6 cell 25% fragmentation
Had the valium smile all the way to the ET room.  Man, is that invasive.  Everyone is up in your business while you are getting the embryo shot in.  I couldn't see anything on the ultrasound, of course.

*** January 26, 2011 Wednesday
First day out after bedrest.  No pain meds. A little weak from laying around.  Hope I didn't do too much... I did sit on the floor once with Zoey and change her diaper.  She's getting used to me not picking her up.  Today we went to a play group, then to Wiggle Worms, then to Costello's for lunch.  I was wiped and barely able to move by 1PM on the way home from Costello's.  It was too much.  Zoey too, since she went to bed at 6PM!  She played hard today!  ;o)  Tummy a little sore, but tolerable.  Mainly it's just exhaustion and nausea that's getting me.  No "pulling and tugging" feeling yet that I felt during the implantation period when I was pregnant with Zoey.  I get off pain pills as soon as I can so I can feel what's going on with my body.  Today I ate meaty subs, oatmeal, pineapple, sushi and edamame for dinner.  Hope the Green beans enjoyed!  ;o)

*** January 27, 2011 Thursday
Day 4 after ET.  Drove an hour away to my aunt's to visit and help with Zoey.  She cooks the best foods for us.  Salmon with lentils, egg salad/smoked salmon sandwiches, and cupcakes.  Yum.  Went to acupuncture and Dr. Jaena told me, "You're totally pregnant.  I can feel the changes in your body."  I hope she's right.  When I got back to Aunt Jan's, I noticed the pink/brown implantation spotting that often occurs. It was different than when I was pregnant with Zoey, which was a pretty watery pink.  I found it there twice.  Hope it's the lucky spot!  ;o) Very tired, but to be expected after lying around for 2 days.  Some mild nausea.

Got the phone call from the lab that the 4th embryo reached the frozen stage!  Excellent news!  $850 for the first year storage then $500 yearly after.  

*** January 28, 2011 Friday
Very tired.  Angry at myself because on 1/26 I was supposed to start with the Vivelle/Dot patches on my belly.  I completely didn't realize the date.  Put the patch on today.  Took a long nap with Zoey in the afternoon and came home from Elgin.  Dinner with girls.  Overeating.  Why am I so hungry and the choice is steak.  I'm very worried that if I'm pregnant I won't be able to maintain a healthy weight.  I was very big after/during my first pregnancy and ate and ate and ate.  Thinking of a food journal and a healthy diet menu and safe exercise routine as a solution.  Still full of hope.  Although I've had symptoms, I will question until I hear that positive phone call.  

*** Saturday
Sleepless nights?  Woke up irritated at hubby for feeding Zoey ground beef.  Ever since I watched Food Inc... that stuff freaks me out for babies.  I had specifically asked him NOT TO and he knowingly did anyway.  I was so upset at him my heart started beating fast and I had cramping in my stomach.  Worried my getting worked up may have affected potential pregnancy.  Went to see the King's Speech movie later which was very uplifting and inspirational.  Perfect for a 2ww period.  Felt mild menstrual cramping.   Diet?  Frozen teriyaki stir-fry dish with chicken, eggs, steak, toast, a cupcake (cheese).  Felt mild symptoms from cheese.  Boobs might be starting to hurt and I'm exhausted.  Up at 3am second night in a row.  Need to find a way to exercise so I can sleep better.  

*** January 31, 2011, Monday evening
Went to acupuncture this evening at Pulling Down the Moon, $90.  He did the same protocol as Lincoln Square Acupuncture and recommended a weekly session at this point.  I felt slightly nauseous but happy today.  Been seeing the rosy triangle blush on my cheeks here and there?  Very tired and airheaded.  Keeping busy. Went to Michaels store, a playdate, and a book club meetup tonight.  No coffee since before IVF and lots of teas.  Not doing the best at keeping up with water/hydration, but so-so.  Wanted to note that this round dr had me take DHEA vitamin supplements that supports sugar metabolization.  Now I'm on Vivelle-Dot patches and Endometrin inserts.  

*** February 5, 2011 Saturday morn
No symptoms lately.  Very tired, however.  No appetite.  Little bit of feelings in my belly last night.  Just stuff going on, no specific symptoms.  After the blizzard, I finally left the condo with Zoey in the stroller.  Was a bit strenuous and at Target, had to chase Zoey around.  Very airheaded.  Left my credit card and forgot my soup.  Memory is very off.  Researched and found a link that disputes legality of Lupron because of memory loss and some dangerous symptoms.  ????  

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