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So I got a call from my OB today with the results from my blood work I did just days ago. The results were somewhat as expected, I still have PCOS which to me was a...DUH. Anyhow she also told me that I am anemic. I am really bummed, I count my blessings because I know I could be much worse off, but still it kinda stinks. Anyhow, I got into a discussion with her on a iron supplement prescription and my prenatal and so on. Then my Dr. visit to the RE came up and I told her how I was disappointed with it and how the Dr. pretty much told me my OB should be covering all this. Which she was frustrated over, since she sent me there in the first place to have RE cover everything with me.
(side note).., My husband works for an amazing company, however the insurance can be tricky. In order for me to recieve infertility coverage (both diagnosis and treatment ie. in vitro) I have to change insurance coverage, which raises my deductable to $3,000. Right now we are on an EPO with NO deductable. However, if I switch to infertility coverage and infertility is NOT an issue, I am stuck with that deductable for a year. So in turn I do not want to switch insurance coverage until I KNOW clomid is not working and my next option is in vitro. With that said I do not want to see a fertility spc. alone. I would rather see my OB for the clomid and switch to fertility spc and insurance as an only option.
Anyhow, I told this to my OB and she called me back about 20min later and told me she wants to handle this and she wants me to start clomid this month!! On CD 5-9, thats in 2 DAYS!! I am sooo excited! I am a little concerned with the amemia, however she didn't show much concern. It is acually happening!!

PLEASE ADVICE....... I don't know what to expect!

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