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need help know what it is

Jan 10, 2008 - 1 comments





small red rash bumbs

frist i never had sex and i have tiny bumbs on my private part and  the same types of bumbs are on my arms and tighs.....but in small places....i just need to know what it is!!!!! ive had this for many years now i just really didn't pay any attention to it.

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by Kaykel, Jan 10, 2008
From the places that you've described, it sounds like it's just a heat rash. It's incredibly minor, you don't even need a Dr to make it go away. Just make sure that those areas are always dry - powder helps, but try to stay away from perfume powder because it might give you a rash on top of what you've already got; baking powder would do just fine.

I hope this helps.

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