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Christmas looks grim... Need Blessed

Dec 09, 2010 - 0 comments





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My Children



I have 3 lovely children. All 3 yrs. apart in age.

My oldest is Mikie, he's 15. He is a talented artist and hopes to be a voice actor for Japanese Anime Movies and go to College. I am so proud of him and his comedy. And I admire his loving heart.

My middle child, Marcus, is 12 yrs. old. He's a handsome little devil. He'd like to be a Lawyer when he grows up. He wants to be rich. I love his quick wit and roll of the tongue puns. He is into role playing games like Final Fantasy and others. He's very conservative. And he speaks his honest mind. If he hates me, and it's the truth, he will tell me. Sadly, this is my only Child that hates me, literally. But Marcus, I LOVE YOU! Please don't resent me.

And my final child is a little girl, me and my Woman, Theresa, chose to name her Lyndsey Nicole. She loves her Daddy with ALL her heart and I love her too. She loves the toy "Littlest Pet Shops" and she spends time watching YouTube videos of other little girls making Movies of themselves playing with their Littlest Pet Shops (or LPS, as they're known). I want to get her a little camera so she can upload her own playtime to her YouTube account as well. She's so funny, eating popcorn. God, she's 9 years old already? God, I can do better for my Lyndsey. PLEASE GOD!

So, that's my kids. I love 'em. I Don't live with 'em as a Family should. They live with their Mother in her Father's house. He moved out after his wife died in February of '08 and left Theresa (My Woman) to take care of the place for him. She moved out of Our house, it went into foreclosure and that's just the way it is.

I'm now living with my Mom, I need a job. I'm a skilled "everything". there's not a talentless bone in my body. Our City has only offers for "sales representatives", and that's what I've excelled at for this last year... but I'm depressed over her leaving and grieving that the positive sale is all a facade to me. So, I quit! No unemployment benefits, no income. Just living with my Mom selling away anything I used to treasure.


With open loving arms,  Michael

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