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30Wks 3 days - Blood Clot

Dec 09, 2010 - 0 comments

blood clot


30 weeks Pregnant


preterm labor

So i have had issues with bleeding before. at 19 wks i had some minor bleeding but the blood was dark brown. the dr told me not to worry and that it was just blood clots behind the placenta. the bleeding eventually stopped and a couple weeks later i had another ultrasound where they said i had marginal placenta previa and obviously they told me to take it easy. so everything was good up until 29 wks & 6days when i decided to go to the er because this time it was bright red blood and i started to have contractions every two minutes. i started to get scared because i started to go into pre-term labor and they had started giving me all kinds of meds to stop the bleeding and contractions. the next day i had a big gush of blood and washington hospital then called stanford hospital to have me transferred over there in case the baby had to be delivered pre-maturely. when i got to stanford they gave me everything possible to stop the contractions and bleeding including giving me steroid shots to help mature the baby's lungs incase he needed to come out. after 8 days of being in the hospital i was finally released. the contractions stopped and the bleeding was now just wipe away dark blood like the kind of blood at the end of your period. after it being like that for 24hrs they released me. Now im 30 Wks & 3 Days and today i felt a little blood come out. So i went to the bathroom and a little more blood came out and then a big blood clot about the size of a baseball or tennis ball .... maybe even a little bigger .... and im not in pain or anything i dont feel any contractions and the baby is moving normally. im just a scared. it's been an hour and a half of laying down and the i just went to the bathroom and the blood is now just wipe away .... im not sure whats going on ... but if more blood comes out at any time tonight im just going to go straight to the hospital.,.. hopefully this baby will stay inside me for a few more weeks.

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