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Need Money

Dec 10, 2010 - 0 comments









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Women are interested in 50% money, 40% attraction, and the other 10% are things they say they care about but really don't. i.e. intelligence, sense of humor, honesty, sensitivity etc.

I've been with the same Woman since I was 19, my first "real" attraction was to her. I had never felt connected to a person like I do her. But I must say, that even though I was flat broke and didn't have a car, she told me the only thing that mattered to her was LOVE. i.e. communication, honesty, trust, someone who made her feel good about themselves.

Well, things suddenly, like a blessing, poured in thousands of dollars a Month. We were living middle class in no time. I worked, she stayed home (was a home maker). Long story short, when the times got rough, the doubt and insecurity crept in like a virus and it has been there ever since.

I have become DEPENDENT on her approval to the point that MY OWN self esteem is so low, I don't have any hope of keeping a steady job, let alone rebuilding my own business. It all seems so "unimportant" to me. Because the MOST important thing to me is... having our issues RESOLVED! Been trying to resolve them issues since 1998. And I'm die-hard dedicated to keeping my Family together, but She keeps branching down other Avenues losing track of "keeping the Family together and IN LOVE".  WTF!

I get accused of cheating, no matter where I work. Yet, I'm faithful. I get accused of drinking, when I don't. I get accused of her being depressed and lying around. I get accused of being the fault for the way this she-ite has become.

I am guilty, I acknowledge it with her. She resents me and WILL NOT own up to her own mirror.

Theresa, I love you with my heart and soul, girl. Please, please, please, you beautiful thang, support me. I know the 3 kids are all you can handle. Quit being a control freak and let me have some responsibility. They're my children too!

Hopefully, one day...  Michael

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