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Aug 31, 2008 - 0 comments

non-healing wound




sun allergy


heat intolerance

Okay, I never told this story in full detail to anyone. I think to accurately get an idea of my problems, I need to tell you how it all started.

AGE 12:
Started getting acne. Was a model at the time. Needed a quick solution. Instead of consulting a professional dermatologist, my mum came up with her own solution and bought me a product that contained a large amount of hydroquinone. Unfortunately that did not help. Instead it started giving me dark spots and patches on my face. Its not all my mums fault, I was using too much of the hydroquinone. I thought the more you used, the faster it would work. I was 12 and stupid.

AGE 14:
Still had acne and now lots of dark spots and patches. This made me more desperate. After using benzyl peroxide, only to find out it irritated my skin, my mum found another product she said worked on her friend. Unfortunately her friend had better luck. With me, it gave me serious burns on my face that could be noticed from the other side of the street. It was terrible. I remember not wanting to go to school and just hide away from the world. By the end of the summer the burns were less noticeable but considerable damage had been done.

AGE 15-19:
I used (most likely abused) a list of products, trying to find a solution. I also went from being an extrovert to more of an introvert. No more parties- just nights at home, afraid of the world outside. coming home became my sweetest joy for the wrong reasons. When ever I was out of the house, I became extremely anxious, unfocused, and uncoordinated.  I never let people know how uncomfortable I was. I just kept it inside.

AGE 20:
I searched for ways to heal my skin. I saw ads on the internet showing how chemical peels could help. So I went to visit a dermatologist, who performed a blue peel on me. At first, it seemed like my problems had been resolved. My skin was clearer and I started getting compliments from people. I felt confident again. I decided to take a trip to Africa. That was when I realized, things were worse than the had ever been. Because of the visit, even though I was using sunscreens, I suffered sun burns and heats burns. I would later learn that my skin had lost its natural protection from the sun and heat in general.

AGE 20-25:
As time has past I have noticed that my skin is extremely sensitive to the sun and heat . I could be in the house with the stove on and my skin gets dry and patchy. I also noticed that my skin did not heal. Also I couldn’t sleep for more than 4-5hrs. I'm not a doctor but my guess is that since my skin was not doing too much healing, my body didn’t need to much recovery and sleep.

I have gone to various dermatologists but those places are like car factories and production plants. Nobody takes the time to get to know what your problem is. no one really asks. I know I don’t need any exfoliating lotions. They would probably make things worse. Last guy told me use sunscreen and where a hat. What I need is a way to accelerate my skins healing process and a way to strengthen my skin, making it more resistant to heat and the sun. I Will travel to any doctor that has a solution. I don’t know much about collagen and things like colostrum, but I read lots of stories about how proteins are used to regenerate dead cells.  I don’t now if this matters but in pictures I take, you cant see the spots, scars, or anything on my face. It always leads people to say things (which make me feel like hell) like you are probably the most photogenic person ever. I have had to battle my demons, doing lots of reading about how to deal with shock and improve focus to find strength in myself. I don have anymore anxiety but I still have a face that seems to be sensitive to heat and does not heal. CAN ANYONE HELP ME. I will travel anywhere to see a doctor that can help.

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