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In the hospital - oh the drama

Dec 10, 2010 - 34 comments

I had some bleeding back over halloween weekend (27 weeks), and was hospitalized for 4 days.  That was scary, but thankfully that went away.  Four weeks later, the bleeding came back.  Went to triage last Friday the third when the bleeding came back again.  Was told that I am 1cm dilated. Stayed overnight and was released when the bleeding just turned to light spotting.  Took it easy over the weekend and went to see the OB monday morning.  He immediately took me off work.  Tuesday, the bleeding started to come back so i went back in to triage.  At that point I was told that I was to stay in the hospital indefinitely.

If this spotting doesnt go away, things are gonna happen pretty darn fast.  The OB wants to deliver me at 34 weeks if the bleeding continues. By the way - 34 weeks would be NEXT SATURDAY, the 18th!  

A fetal assessment could find nothing wrong with my placenta, but that doesnt mean that there isnt anything wrong - just that nothing shows up.  I got another set of steroid shots for the lungs, and had a consult with a neo-natologist today.  She answered all my questions about having a preemie.  Showed me that the odds for survival of a baby born at 34 weeks are very good.  Told me all about the NICU and advised that I could expect our baby to spend anywhere from 2 days in the NICU to 6 weeks, depending on his condition.  The assessment showed that he weighed 6lbs 7oz on monday - which is pretty darn big for 32 weeks+, but there is always a certain margin of error with those things.

The OB was supposed to come back to check if i have dilated further... but as of yet he hasnt been back.  I need to ask him if he is thinking caesarean or vaginal delivery.  Tomorrow we go for a tour of the NICU and they will find us a baby who was just born at 34 weeks so we can have an idea what to expect.

I guess thats about all my news... just taking it easy at the hospital and enjoying breakfast in bed every day!

Very scared and saddened over the prospect of having to leave our little guy at the hospital once i`m discharged.  praying and hoping that I can keep him in just a little longer.


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by Kricket212, Dec 10, 2010
Thinking of you and praying that all is well and falls into place. It sounds like they are taking really good care of you. I am sure they will do the same for baby.  Just breath & try and relax.

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by Melissa_71, Dec 10, 2010
G, can't believe this is happening to you. hopefully keeping u off your feet will help stop the bleeding and u can keep the lil guy in there a bit longer. did u lose ur mucous plug? at least it's not ur placenta and baby is ok...but u must be terrified. it sounds like ur obgyn is on the ball and u r in gr8 hands so tht's a great relief. hey we will have the same dd if it's the 18th...but since i have no symptoms whatsoever i'll probably go another week (xmas) yikes.
hopefullly u can get some rest in the hospital (now u don't have to worry about your house chores)
wowser that's a good size boy u have in there : ) he's going to be just fine! saying a prayer for both of u . Melissa xo

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by annaleo, Dec 10, 2010
Gigi- I'm so sorry you have to be in the hospital. Hopefully the bleeding stops so you can have the little guy in there  a little longer. It sounds very scary. Try to take it easy and rest.

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by naturschld, Dec 10, 2010
Sorry you are having a tough time of it.  I was hoping the bleeding would clear up and let you relax a bit.  It has to be scary, but at least you have made it this far along; way better than the 27 wks when it started.  I hope your taking it easy helps and you make it quite a few more weeks.  Sounds like your little boy is a decent size; thank goodness.  Hopefully that will help also.  Good luck!  Linda

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by melimeli, Dec 11, 2010
oh wow.. keep that baby in there cookin a little longer girl!  prayers for you I am sure everything will be fine you are righ where you need to be

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by butterflybabies, Dec 11, 2010
I will keep my fingers crossed that the bleeding stops so the baby can stay put..
But I wanted to let you know that my nephew and his girlfriend had their baby in august at 34wks..he was 4lbs 11oz when he was born..teeny thing!
But he only stayed in the hospital for 8 days, he was healthy and she didnt even get steriod shots for his lungs. I have pics posted of him when he was first born.
He is now 3 1/2 months old and hes about 14lbs..super chubby..
I know its scary but at 34wks it should be fine.
Im praying for you and your lil one!

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by mooboo35, Dec 11, 2010
I can understand kinda wat you are going through.  With my fourth child I started to bleed at about 28 weeks which carried on and off. My waters broke at 34 weeks, doctors kept me in hospaital and said would induce me at 36 weeks.  However baby had other ideas, I went into labour at 35 weeks exactly, baby was born well weighing 5lb8oz. I had been given no steriod shots or anything and she had to spend no time in nicu.  you have been givn shots to help your little ones lungs so thats good, I am sure all will be fine,   thinking of you and good luck  xx

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by l0st_child, Dec 11, 2010
praying for u and ur little one, I hope that everything gets better.. I can understand  ur frustration I to have to deliver early, but woooow 34 weeks Sigh..... Im sure u and baby will be ok, but keep me posted

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by trh0819, Dec 11, 2010
At least you know you are in the best place under the best care given all you've been through lately. Hopefully the extra rest will allow the little one to stay put a while longer. Lots of prayers coming your way!

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by Dolphin05, Dec 11, 2010
Wow i wish this on no one and i know first hand how scary it is. I has my second son at 19 but went into labor at 33w5d. When i got to the hospital i was dilated to 4cm so they could not stop my labor. He was born 5lb9oz 19in long and spent 6 hours in level 3 nicu and 31 days in level 2 nicu. There was no time for me to have the steroid shot but his lungs were fine at birth as far as i know. He did not have any major issues that kept him there so long it was he did not have the suck, swallow, and breath down to eat so he would brady when given a bottle. He also developed acid reflux and was on meds till 1yr. Now he is 3yr old about 42in tall and 40lbs so you would never know. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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by bfromthed, Dec 11, 2010
u r n my prayers! Keep us posted. GOD Bless!

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by allie_44107, Dec 11, 2010
Oh G-I just saw this.....I am so sorry to hear.  I am thinking of you every day.  you have to stay positive-34 weeks, especially with him weighing in at over 6 pounds is ok.  He will have some challenges but he will be FINE.  I promise.  I know it is scary and stressful.  Please fill us in when you can.  Sending hugs to you.  

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by seattleview, Dec 12, 2010
Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry this is happening to you.  I wish they could give you some answers as to WHY this is happening.  You and your little one are in my thoughts - hang in there both of you!

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by lil_lady25, Dec 12, 2010
Sorry to hear about this but know that your little one will be in good hands. When will they decide if they will take him at 34 weeks? I hope all works out for you!!

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by Cheyenne_08, Dec 12, 2010
I had my son at 31 weeks. He was born with the cord around his neck 6 times and weighed 3.14 oz. He was in the NICU 6.5 weeks but only because of feeding issues. His suck/swallow reflex needed time to develop so he could feed properly without choking. Otherwise, he was very healthy. He did not require oxygen except the first hour after birth. It was hard leaving my son in the NICU because I lived over an hour away but I was able to stay in the Ronald McDonald House which was across the street from the hospital so I got to spend most of my time with him.

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by SunWorshiper_26, Dec 12, 2010
You are in my thoughts and prayers. Sounds like you have an amazing team of drs there for you. I'm sure you can spend as much time as you want at your baby's side and I bet they would be very encouraging to have you feed baby and even hold. Skin to skin contact helps babies grow and thrive more quickly, put on weight, regulate their own body temp and even learn to eat!  So even though baby will be in the hospital you should get to have lots of bonding time :) until then enjoy breakfast in bed!

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by adgal, Dec 12, 2010
I'm so sorry this is happening and I know it's scary.  But please remember what happened to me...placental failure that they think happened around 32 weeks as well.  Ryder stayed in longer then he should of because they didn't figure it out, and he is healthy and perfect!  Absolutely not a single health problem.  So know that these little ones are incredibly tough and tend to do well.  34 weeks is fine....they rarely have any real long term challenges at that stage. My cousins twins came at 32 weeks and although they spent some time in NICU, they are healthy happy 2 year olds now with no problems at all.  Regardless of when he comes, at this point he is going to be just fine!!

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by Kara_robbie, Dec 12, 2010
You're in my prayers daily! Things will work out and you will have that beautiful baby boy at home with you in no time. They had to take my first son by c-section a month and a half early cuz he stopped growing inside...he weighed 3.1 pds and all was good! Take care and keep us updated!!

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by Michele, Katy, TX, Dec 12, 2010
You are also in my thoughts and prayers as well!  I had to leave my son too, but only for a week.  It was one of the longest weeks of my life though :(  Take care and continue to enjoy that breakfast in bed every morning!!!

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by Hopefulcb, Dec 13, 2010
Gigi. I'm so sorry to hear you are having such a hard time. I'm glad you are in good hands at the hospital and that they are taking the time to explain everything to you and helping you through it. Will be sending good vibes your way.

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by Alexis2358, Dec 13, 2010
You have so many prayers for you and your little boy right now...all will be well.    Everyone is thinking about you and hoping this will turn out wonderfully.    You may have that precious little bundle in your arms by christmas.     don't stress too much....34 weeks is not a bad time.    My niece had her twins at 34 weeks and they DID get to come home with her...(after a c-section), one of them weighed 6.2 lbs and one weighed 4.11 lbs.    they never went into the NICU at all.   Have faith that you are in good hands, everything will be great!


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by mhv, Dec 14, 2010
G- Girl, what am I going to do with you?!?! : )   I am kinda glad they have you "trapped" in the hospital, where you Have to take it easy and pamper yourself and your lil'boy.  I know you have to be scared, but know that everyone on Medhelp is praying for you!  It's sounds like you might just get a wonderful bundle of joy for Christmas my friend : )   It sounds like your son is growing strong, and that the doctors are taking every precaution to make sure your baby is born happy and healthy.  You are in my thoughts my dear friend!!!!

Hugs to you and your son!

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by GiGiGiGi, Dec 14, 2010
Oh ladies you have no idea how grateful I am that I am part of the Medhelp community.  Your support and encouragement is so nice to have.... helps make a very scary situation feel a heck of a lot less scary.  Thank you.

Speaking of scary - it would appear that i am gonna become a momma on friday.  I write this with tears in my eyes because i am so full of conflicting emotions.  I am happy that we are gonna have a little guy, scared silly that I dont know how to look after him, disappointed that my body is not going along with things and that things are not going according to plan, worried of course about the baby's health... ugh...

So here's what has happened.  last night i got up to go pee and had a significant bleed.  They sent me for a NST, and all was well, im not any more dilated than i was a week ago, and baby is just fine.  The OB came to see me today and said that he doesnt want this bleeding to continue.  He says that he just has a gut feeling that one of these times it's gonna harm either me or the baby and he doesnt want to see that.  He feels that in the long run it will be safer to deliver me now and keep the baby where they will be able to help him if something goes wrong.  I have had 2 courses of steroids to help mature the lungs, and baby is big for his age so they are hoping that he is strong enough to be born.  I will be having another fetal assessment today and an amnio either today or tomorrow.  the results of the amnio will determine when i have the baby.  If the results are good - showing mature lungs and no blood in the fluid, the baby will come on friday.  Not sure if it will be c-section or vaginal birth at this time.  

I will definitely update this as soon as I know more. I know that I am in very good hands here, and am trying to focus on the little things (like getting the babys car seat put together and monitor charged) instead of the large picture...  might as well sweat the small stuff - I have a greater chance of being able to control the small stuff than the big picture at this point!

Thank you again for everything,
Love Gayle

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by melimeli, Dec 14, 2010
prayers to you.  I had an amnio at 36w6d for lung assessment and all was good (without any steroids)  I was induced the next day.  Dr.'s were worried because I was isulin dependent gestational diabetes.  I know that 36w is more than where you are now but you have had steroids so that changes things.  All that being said my baby was fine and didn't require any extended hospital stay.  so I hope that you getting the steroids will help your baby to be more than ready to come...  again prayers for you and the best thing you can do for your baby now is to stay calm.  Good luck!

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by Melissa_71, Dec 14, 2010
omg G i just saw ur update!!!!!!! i'm so excited for u!!!! don't worry everything is going to be gr8! ur dr seems like he's on the ball and taking care of u! i'm soooooooooooooo happy for u...i know ur scared as we all would be ...but if he seems this is the best time then get ready!!!!! i know ur not ready bec u wanted it in january..but just think u will be a mamma sooooooon!!!!!  hope u can get some rest in the next couple of days!!!!! update only when u can! will be thinking of u...saying lots of prayers! xo

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by Kricket212, Dec 14, 2010
Congrats GiGi so happy for you.   Hey you make it for 2010 so you get a tax deduction this year. LOL
I know the last you are thinking of, but oh so true.
We are all hanging out here waiting for your Friday update.  BEST WISHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa, your next.

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by LaPoo, Dec 14, 2010
Hi GiGi- you've come a longgg way chica and you're gonna be a momma very soon. I soooo excited for you and apparently the baby is just as anxious. No since in telling you to relax...this is the moment we've all be waiting for; so relax, you're in the best place and will have a nice big bundle of joy for Christmas....

Take care

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by krichar, Dec 14, 2010
Hey Gayle!!

I am sooooo excited for you!! EVERYTHING will be fine!!! Have faith and know in your heart that it is better for him on the outside where they can make sure he is ok!! What a great christmas present!! Super Big ((((HUGS))))!!!!!!!


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by adgal, Dec 14, 2010
Just checked in and saw your update.  I know your scared..heck it's always scary no matter what the situation.  But I know your Dr. would not be delivering him if he felt there was any real risk.  Concentrate now on the fact that come the weekend, you will be cuddling that long awaited beautiful baby boy!  Ohhh, I get teary just thinking about it. There is no other moment in life more precious then the first time you lay your eyes on your child and hold him in your arms.  It is without a doubt the most incredible thing in the world.  And you my dear are about to experience it.  Try not to worry...they know what they are doing and I have absolutely no doubt all will be well.  XOXO

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by GiGiGiGi, Dec 14, 2010
Jeez, talk about an emotional roller coaster.  After receiving the news that i would be having the baby this weekend, I went for a fetal assessment.  The assessment showed nothing wrong with the placenta or the baby.  I have now had 4 sets of eyes check out the placenta, and nothing shows up.  The baby was doing very well.  He has not been affected by any of the bleeding that I have had.  They measured him again, and this time they estimate his weight to be 5lbs7 oz...thats a little more like it.  Much more appropriate.

So after this ultrasound, the Dr and I talked.  He said that he wants to watch me and make sure that nothing happens but he is ok with letting the pregancy continue a while longer.  He said he has a gut feeling that one of these bleeds is gonna be a bad one and he cant just ignore them.  So, I will continue to hang out here at the hospital.

I am feeling a pretty big sense of relief, however, I am now much more mentally prepared than i had been.  If it turns out that I need to have this baby soon... i feel more prepared.  Not 100% ready, but I know it will be ok.  Had a tour of the NICU today and saw the most precious tiny little babies.  Saw one that was the same size as our baby is now, and while she was tiny, she was perfect in every way.

I do wish that i had more time to get ready - but god has granted me a little reprieve... i will use this time to do what i can and not dwell on things that I cant do - such as fixing up the nursery.

So that's whats going on... talk about crazy whirlwind.

Thanks for listening ladies!

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by annaleo, Dec 14, 2010
Hi gigi,
  I'm happy  you heard some good news about your little boy. You seem much happier that he can say in a little longer. :) Try to get a lot of rest and take it easy. Everything will be ok. I'm 34 weeks too, so i can relate to how scary you must feel right now. Sending hugs and prayers. xoxo.

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by pertykitty, Dec 14, 2010
let me tell you i have had 2 kids born at 34 weeks.  the first born at that age wasnt given steroids and was in my room the entire time other than some jaundice.  the second was given steroids because of what was going on with her.  she had no breathing problems but due to her eating issues she spent 3.5 weeks in the nicu (she has down syndrome and had a heart defect).  

my sis had her kids at 34 and 35 weeks and they had a few hours of needing oxy but were just fine.  however she smoked.......

i want to say i will pray all goes well and your baby is healthy and ok!  however if nicu is needed, i want to say it will be rough, but after your bean comes home it will all be a memory.  keep your chin up and remember that even if he has to stay (i really doubt he will!) know he will be taken care of so well and you can be there with him and feed him and bathe him.  dont let any nurses tell you any different, you tell them! i did lol.

fixing a nursery is minor, getting all the clothes washed is a moment in time.  getting yourself prepared, well that probably wont happen lol.  do try to enjoy these precious moments.  after they are born you will miss it.  addison was born at 5lbs 2 oz and macy at 3lbs 14oz.  its amazing how these tiny little creatures can be so strong, sometimes stronger than mom~!  

having this baby will be something you will remember forever, but the stress of the what ifs will fade.  i know everyone says to relax and rest and enjoy the last few days but its so true!  i wish you the best and pray for an excellent birth! cant wait to hear the story :)

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by hopefulmiranda, Dec 14, 2010
hi there, nothing to worry about. Everything will be ok. A delivered my twins at 33 weeks (2 days short of 34). It was a roller coaster from day one. Had bleeding for a couple of months, even passed clots a few times. Then towards the end baby B's placenta got weak and she was on limbo. Finally she broke the bag and I was rushed to the hospital on thursday May 6th. They tried to keep them in me until tuesday or Monday. However on Friday night their heart rates lower to 70bpm ( really low). The next day my OBGYN decided we couldn't wait anymore and delivered my girls at 10am. I was relieved when I heard them cry for the very first time. They came in at 3 lbs (tiny) but did not need oxigen at all (those shots really do work). Anyway my babies are thriving now. So everything will be ok. Congratulations and God bless you all :D

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by Caralea, Dec 14, 2010
Wow girl.. lots of luck, hugs and love to your during this time.. I hope everything goes well and you both come out with a clean bill of health. Take it easy and take care! Caralea

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