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Ear Ache

Dec 10, 2010 - 0 comments



ear ache





1120 - All of a sudden I had a lot of pressure in my left ear that I couldn't explain. It was so painful that it made my eyes water. I had to plug my nose and pop my ears to relieve the pressure. But afterwards I was dizzy with vertigo. Mild vertigo though, the kind that makes everything around me rock back and fourth instead of spin really fast. I went home after that and went to bed. But I continuously felt that same pain multiple times throughout the night. Even after I took my daily dose of Claritin that my doctor prescribed to me. Also took an 800mg Motrin for menstrual cramps. Nothing unusual there. As a side note I did notice something odd about my ear. It seemed like there was an itch, kind of a tingly sensation inside my left ear, but then the same sensation ran down the left side of my tongue. Kinda odd.

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