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Squash Results

Aug 31, 2008 - 0 comments




I played Squash:

Wednesday 27 AUG 08
Saadi bt Shoj 8-1

Thursday 28 AUG 08
Saadi bt Shoj 4-1 (Saadi retired due to an arm injury)

Played later on that night

Saadi bt Shakeel 5-0 (with injury)

Friday 29 AUG 08
PLAYED TENNIS with sash and shoj

It's now Sunday, and i've put on weight cos of yesterday's BBQ, the PIE i made midweek, and the lasagne, the ENCHILADAS, and all the eating i've been doing and no exercise!

This week will be different.. BROKEN it off with J on Saturday... now we'll see what happens!

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