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Sorry to all

Aug 31, 2008 - 3 comments

Thank you so much for your kind words.
I do apologize to the real pain pt's like you for what i was doing.

I do have pain but i can deff get by without strong narcotics. I used the blood tests and the obvious Lymes damage as a crutch and a way to justify what i was doing.

Because i know now that real pain pt's use their meds ,for the most part as perscribed ....that tells me for sure that i should not be a cronic pain pt being treated with narcotics.

I dont know what else to say other then....I am aware of my problem.....I am 100% into being honest with everyone (including doctors and wife)...I will not use narcotics meds in such a way again...

Believe it or not i really feel bad about what i've done and i think about the real pain pt's and i think that will help me not do this again. I would never want to think that i was causing a person in REAL pain to be thought of as a junkie...

I know some people are gonna be harsh with me on this part of the forum.....but im ok with that...I deserve it...................I will remeber it when if i ever get the urge to go get a doctor to give me strong narcotic med's that i really shouldnt do....

I'm gonna keep in touch....

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554880 tn?1222462340
by Soon2BMrsTurner, Aug 31, 2008
Hey Hun,,,,

Dont be so hard on yourself, You are doing so good, Pain is pain and sometimes people arent strong enough for whatever reason to take them as needed, I often wonder if those in pain with an addiction if its a possibility that its the fear of hurting that makes them take more almost to make sure the pain wont come back. Please dont be hard on yourself, Think of how awesome you are doing, Talking with your daughter and going to church. Those things that you couldnt and didnt do before. Its ok to feel bad for those who are in pain and have to have the meds but dont let it get you that far down.

442658 tn?1563390091
by merrymaria, Aug 31, 2008
as soontobe said, really dont beat your self up..the good thing is that you figured it out and you are being honest to yourself.  i did the same thing...used it as a crutch when now i can function with non narc meds.  we all make mistakes and you have corrected yours so be proud..have faith in the Lord and stay being true and you will succeed.  wishing you peace..maria

547368 tn?1440545385
by Tuckamore, Aug 31, 2008
I suffer with true, severe CP and ther are many others like me. What you did hurts us but your not the only one. There are many out there like you and that's part of the reason we are not respected, looked upon as weak, as drug seekers and worse. BUT you no longer have to be ashamed of your conduct as long as you don't repeat it. You have admitted you have a problem and are taking steps to correct it. I applaud you for that, we are all human and make mistakes. You face a long tough road. The substance abuse forum is great and they will help you. And there are many other organizations that will offer you a guidance also. Unfortunately for most of us CP suffers there is no help. We are in this for life and can do nothing about it. I wish you the best. And remember us when you are tempted to obtain narcotic's again. Good Luck, Tuckamore

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