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One day at a time

Dec 14, 2010 - 0 comments



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One day at a time



I am taking Vitamins daily.
L-Lysine (once a day)
L-Tyrosine (lots and lots, up to 10 500mg tabs per day, I should have just bought the 1000mg tabs. I'd only take 4 a day of those, maybe 5))
5-HTP (twice a day w-meal)
DHA (once)
B-Complex (two at once)
B6 (once)
Men's Multi-Vitamin (once)
Chromium Picolinate (once)
Milk Thistle (once)
and more Water than ever.

I usually drank almost a 12 pack of Coca-Cola every single day. Now, a 12 pack lasts me 3 days. Amazing!

Also, my sleep is INcredulous & INspiring. I wish I wouldn't sleep so hard and for as long as I do though, like a bear, but my dreams are the most fun anyone could imagine.

Imagine being a with a movie star. You're surrounded by comedians, directors, editors, agents, producers. You're getting paid a check for $4000.00 just for being on location. You're not doing anything other than playing a role and having a lot of hysterics in the process. Coincidentally, the filming location is the funnest place you've ever been! In fact, it's an adventure to a place you've NEVER been or imagined you could be. And if you collect something special, it just happens to be part of the props for the filming. Like, I'm into heavy metal records and the location had extremely rare, sealed records, even picture discs.

Now, that's my dreams for the past 3 nights in a row! In my slumber, I'm a budding Actor and everyone one is giving me a hand up.

Ironically, when I awake, I'm always in need of a hand out.

These dreams are very enlightening. Thank you GOD, for giving me Lucid dreams! What a lesson I'm learning. If I can, I'd like ask you to keep up the good work, it's actually making me consider getting an agent. Plus, it's showing me that I do need to own up and take responsibility for my actions. People are willing to give, there's no need to deceive or pretend, like an "actor".

Now, I just need to have HOPE and stay POSITIVE. And continually move into the direction of Love and Honesty!

Take heed, Michael! The World is yours. Go and take it!

[If it results in a positive outcome, it's "IT"...]

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