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Upcoming appointments with UTSW

Dec 14, 2010 - 1 comments

I've got some interesting tests coming up in January.  One is the optical coherence tomography test, which measures retinal nerve fiber thickness.  I'm interested to see what the results are on that one.  There's also a visual field acuity test, which measures peripheral vision.  I'm interested to see how I do in that one too - it seems like my right eye is really messed up, and everything is small and darker in that eye.

I also have a speech audiometry test scheduled on the same day.  It's just the basic hearing test.

I'm excited to at least be taking these tests.  I've been wondering for some time if there are some deficits in my vision and hearing, but my old neuro didn't seem interested in pursuing it.

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by kelly97, Dec 14, 2010
These sound interesting. I had a goldmann visual field test that showed several central scotomas in both eyes. And I've had optic neuritis in both eyes.

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