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Chapter 3 - The 3rd IVF, Waiting for the frozen baby implant...

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Well I've had some more acupuncture and feeling good about it, and getting some more tonight and then hopefully just before my implant and after.  It's funny now waiting for my next implant; it feels like forever before I get the implant.  It's only 2 days to go and tomorrow I'm going in to work and asking for Wednesday and Thursday off.  Wednesday for the implant and on Wednesday night my Uncle arrives from Adelaide, so I want to take Thursday as well, and I won't be at my shop so that will be great.  I'll get to have fun and forget about the implant and be happy spending some time with my Uncle and not having to work is H U G E ! ! !

Sometimes I wonder if having my own shop is half the problem of all this stress, but then on the other hand Love my little shop, it gives me a creative outlet and it feels like I am achieving something...  My part time work at the bank is just one of those things and I wish I didn't have to go there at all.  I really hate it now, the people have changed and the girl I work closely with is not so great either.  She is such a nice person, but her work is so bad.  Anyway after trying to speak with her in many different ways about how to do things, I've given up because the big picture is this - Get pregnant and stop working at the bank and just concentrate on the Balloon shop.  So really, it's not worth worrying about. The only problem is that because I have now become so despondent with the work at the bank, I don't think I am really putting the best effort in...  So I have to pull my socks up and not let my team down and just work!  The good thing is that I am currently planning the end of bank year party and I've decided on the theme of Arabian Nights and that is fun.

So tonight I'm having more acupuncture, I'm looking forward to it tonight because I am feeling a little tired and the acupuncture seems to energise me.  So that's nice.  Oh and I'm at the shop today and I normally don't work on Monday's, well I work from home preparing everything for the website and working on my other businesses...  So maybe I feel tired because I'm at the shop?

Do you think a life can exist without work and only doing the things you love...?  I think that does exist, but only for very few very lucky people.  I think that maybe if I wasn't at the bank I would be happier and not so tired all the time because I really work quite a lot, considering all the emailing after hours and just working designing the website.  I wonder if when I quit the bank if I will feel less tired and enjoy the Balloon shop more because I won't have to work after hours, after another job...?  I wonder, maybe...

So on Wednesday I'm doing everything different...  Usually Marc would drive me to the Doc, but this time I'm going on my own and the acupuncture before and after, and also having the day off.  I'll be able to relax and enjoy the day.  I can watch telly, have a snooze, cook a nice dinner, and do the shopping.  You know what I bet I put my pyjamas on, sit on my bed, open my laptop and turn on the TV.  So great!  That is one of my fav things to do.  It's a bit lazy but I love it.

So it’s my birthday soon and for the first year ever I haven't organised a party.  I can't actually believe it, I've been so caught up in so many other things I just let the time slip by.  Last year I had a Sing Star Party which was such a hit the guests still talk about it today.  It really was a lot of fun and definitely one of the best parties I've had.  Maybe this year I'll just organise a ten pin bowling night and call a couple of friends and have a burger and bowls night.

Anyway so this is all that is occupying my mind while I wait for Wednesday.  Best of all I'm looking forward to the implant because I won't have to go back to work.  I'm going to relax and take a load off and just be.

Enough jibber jabber.

Giddy-up for Wednesday!!!

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