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More questions than answers!!!

Dec 15, 2010 - 0 comments

Ok so maybe I am looking for someone to blame or I'm just so sick of blaming myself that I'm looking for someone else to aim my anger and confusion at!!! I feel my doctor and hospital let me down when I needed them the most. From the very early stages of my pregnancy (7wks) I knew there was something wrong, constant bleeding and clots. And the hospital knew it too, but every time I went back I was fobbed off and told the baby was ok and nothing seemed unusual on the scan. They offered no advice words of comfort and just signed me off as another threatened miscarriage. This went on for another 9 weeks and I'd resigned myself to the fact that this is the way my pregnancy was going to be, and I would have gladly kept things that way as long as my baby was alright. Unfortunately that was not the case, now I feel that the doctors could have done more for me, maybe run a few more tests, a few more scans, I know it won't change what happened but surely they could have done something! To make matters worse I've had no explanation, no answers, and I'm left feeling deflated and full of self doubt. Maybe its just me but it seems to me that is unfair to those of us who have experienced such a loss, and it continues to add to the feeling of desperation and disbelief that this has happened. I've read many of the women's stories on this site and it seems incredible to me that some of them have had such a traumatic time, either trying to conceive, or conceive and then suffer the loss over and over again with no explanation at all. Is it just me or do other people feel this way???

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