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Post Ablation Observations.....

Dec 16, 2010 - 1 comments






Today marks 1 month since my ablation.  It's also the first month I've been free of any SVT episodes in a long, long time!  I'm still experiencing a small number of PVC's per day, as well as an occasional short, feeble run of SVT which lasts for a handful of beats before dropping out and going back to NSR.  Leg pain is almost gone as is the lump that has been there.  The most pain I've had has been in my mouth of all places!  I was intubated during the procedure.  I'm guessing that when they inserted the tube, and badly skined my gum on one side back by my last molar.  The gum ulcerated badly, and wouldn't heal.  Then for the past couple of days, it felt like I had a hard scab over the ulcer.  Well, the scab turned out to be a very thin piece of bone called "sequestra".  I don't know how it worked it's way to the surface of my gum, but the trauma must have made it migrate thru the gum to the surface.  Once the piece of bone was disloged, the gum healed very quickly, and it's almost pain free now.

Next big event is on December 20th when I visit my EP for my first follow up.

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by crackerjack4u2, Dec 17, 2010
Congratulations it sounds like now that the bone worked out of your gum and remedied that issue that complete recovery is on its way.  It definitely sounds like the ablation was a success and you are heart is doing well.  Happy Holidays, Good Luck on your Follow up on the 20th and God Bless Brenda

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