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119 days-  four months free!

Dec 16, 2010 - 0 comments






I have been off trams for four months.  I can't believe I actually got off!  I am doing well.  Occasional issues (weird feelings, internal anxiety, like I felt at beginning of WD) return when I am very stressed.  But for the most part I am feeling good and my energy is back.  I am so thankful to be free now.  I do still occasionally think about them.  Not  seriously, but I think back and wonder- were they that bad?  Did they really do all that stuff to me?  am I a better person off the trams?  Was I more fun on trams?  Then I answer that question by saying to myself- you were a mess on trams, you felt horrible, you couldnt concentrate, you were moody, you were not yourself, your were at times a really grouchy person.  Must know that those who get off these must never ever touch them again, or risk a high probability of  addiction and then WD issues again and again.

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