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Quick Tips for a Happier Holiday

Dec 16, 2010 - 2 comments

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These are hard times for everyone. Even though there is a cloud of uncertainty hanging over the country, it's still time to celebrate with family and friends. It's not just foreign affairs that challenge us, it's issues much closer to home. "Modern Families" the T.V. show, says it all with humor. There are more modern mixed families than traditional families. What's Christmas like when your children go to your divorced spouse's celebration and you go to a friends house? What's it like when you don't have enough money to buy presents? And all the other challenges that come with the territory this time of year.

We created a short program to help you create a four part plan that helps you face this season's difficult challenges. We want to help you face something rather than hide in food. We want to give you a gift, a better opportunity to have a joyful Christmas season. Holiday times can be joyful but they can also breed depression, and depression leads to over-eating, and over-eating or binging causes self-contempt, and self-contempt leads back to depression. There's the potential for a vicious cycle, and here's one way to make sure you don't go there.

The plan you create will help you identify and face your anticipated challenges, prepare yourself in advance, and give yourself time to create an adaptive strategy. With this readiness, you can be more effective and start to build a strong base of confidence in yourself!

The best thing you can do for yourself is to start working on your emotional eating pattern right now, before the New Year when you usually make your resolution to really do something about your weight. Beginning to have control now and knowing that you are doing something about it, will give you that extra momentum and confidence that just might make the difference for next year.

You can still eat plenty at Christmas. Even if you eat a little too much that will be okay, as long as you are making a conscious decision to indulge yourself on this special occasion. If you can begin to trust yourself by starting to be more conscious about what's going on within you, you'll probably be able to prevent some or all of those awful blazing binges that make you hate yourself and rob you of the opportunity to enjoy the holidays.

Why not give yourself the gift of self confidence and self control?

To access our Free Tools go to the Shrink Yourself site.

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by margypops, Dec 19, 2010
Thank you Doctor Gould I will look at the site , Merry Christmas to you and thanks for all your input on the forums,I have learnt much from you .

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by Jaquta, Dec 23, 2010
I accessed some on the site around Thanksgiving.  I think I just went through the motions of it though without really committing to the process.  It was pretty mindless really and probably not all that helpful.

I miss your advice and support on the forums.  I have learnt a lot from you too (although possibly not that much if I am choosing not to apply any of it).

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year too.

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