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Junkie Christmas

Dec 19, 2010 - 0 comments




Sleet and snow fall in measure
Isolation of the senses
I’m all alone in a frozen snow globe
The lights blink and wink in electric tenure
What beauty, when you’re not trashed
Now they make me want to vomit

Christmas hearts beat as one
They thrum along in a lonely rhythm
Beating to the tune of a cosmetic Christmas
The Birth long forgotten
And the hearts beat louder and louder
In an anthem for a commercial Christmas

Oh, it’s so cold!
Chilled to the bones, to say the least
Home alone on Christmas Eve
But my Barbie dolls will comfort me
Shooting euphoria into my mind
I won’t be alone tonight

My Barbie with the red dress on
Dance for me, my love
Show me what I could never have
Give me the bliss of Christmas Eve
Sing with me while I fall asleep
While I fall into the foul breath of misery

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