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my brother

Dec 20, 2010 - 0 comments


its a long story so ill make it brother told a lie on me  & said i stole moneys from i confront him & he cusses me out bad...took me a minute but i forgave him cuz i dont like to harbor today he came wanting my help so i was willing but i wanted him to know how he made me feel and i got to say a few things before he walk out the i quess oh well ya wanna act like that pridefull like you did nothing wrong well quess thats how ya waana feel in deniel i dont need this im ill with my own issues his a grown man 41 yrs old and needs to get on the right path by himself....i did so did other family members we came back on our own will not by getting ppl to feel sorry for us and thats what he wants no responsibilty....and dont tell me bout my wrongs like how dare you speak to me like  yur suppose to help me ..but its not like that his not a child his a grown man that needs to help himself now and stop being so needy........

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