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Too much Milk

Dec 21, 2010 - 0 comments

Phoebe being constantly tried in the mornings is another reason we decided to trying going to bed a little earlier.

This would have worked great for her IF..... she didn't chug her milk at supper. I love me df like crazy but man does he need a lesson some days! He will give her a large glass of chocolate milk for supper. and she will chug half of it before she starts eating wont want to eat very much but we will make her. and then she will chug the rest.

Last night tho I waited to give her the milk till AFTER she had eaten her grilled cheese. She then did as she always does and chugged her milk the second i gave it to her.

Well last night for the 2nd time in a month she woke up at 9:55 because she had puked. This finally made df realize maybe not so much milk.

We will now be giving her a glass(small) of milk after school and then a glass(small) of water when she eats dinner. i hope this works. We may have to restorte back to her asking us every time she takes a drink. Im hoping the lack of milk will help tho.

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