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Week 33 update

Dec 22, 2010 - 4 comments

week 33













After being discharged from the hospital earlier this month I have now been on modified bed rest for over 2 weeks. Some days I am going crazy from boredom and others I am so very grateful to be relaxing finally. While I was in the hospital I was advised that I had barely passed my 1 hour glucose test but for some reason was never told prior to that. A doctor in the office that I go to (that I have never even met) had requested me to come back and take the 3 hour glucose test. I spoke with my OB that I see every week and she agreed that it was too late in the game to worry about this and said that I didnt have to take it. Wooo hooo! Although I am having twins and the chance of having gestational diabetes is greater, she thought it was unnecessary because I was so close to delivery and I am young and thin (so my chances of having GD is low). I love my High Risk OB :)

Thursday we get to take measurements of the babies and see how much they have gained in the last 2 weeks. I cant wiat! We also get to find out our c-section date. I'm so excited and anxious to find out when I will get to meet my little girls. I still cant believe im having two!! I feel very blessed and couldnt be more grateful.

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1255151 tn?1413891826
by rbohl01, Dec 22, 2010
Wow I can't wait to hear when you will be having those little girls =) I am soooo glad you dont have to do the 3 hour glucose screen. How dumb that they are just now informing you it- its definitely way to late in the game for that. Plu s you did pass it- even if it was close. I can't wait to hear how big your babies are. Glad all is well with you and that the twins are still hanging out inside. Keep me posted

1285651 tn?1319642429
by lil_lady25, Dec 22, 2010
Thanks hun, I will definitely keep you updated. I hope they are both over 4 lbs but I know that is wishful thinking!

1450627 tn?1296616593
by alyssagillstrom, Dec 22, 2010
Hm, thats something they never told you about your glucose test. AT least you passed :). O I hope your girls are measuring in teh are youre hoping to see them in! How exciting to see their size, i was so excited to find out how much my girl weighed. It gives you a nicer perspective on what up with them in there and if they're on track. So many great techy things to help wiith us worried mommas. Enjoy yuor bedrest befoer your bundles of love show up! LOL.

1285651 tn?1319642429
by lil_lady25, Dec 23, 2010
Thanks Alyssa, I am hoping that Baby A is still growing because the last u/s she had only gained a few ounces and her sister had gained over a pound in the same time period. I pray that all is well with both of them but I know they are very concerned about Baby A. It may have something to do with her cord not getting enough blood. The doctor is at the point where they think she will be healthier outside rather than inside my belly. Will keep you ladies updated!

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