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Gout and never had it

Dec 27, 2010 - 2 comments

Ok. Stupid question, as y'all have heard stupider. Here goes. Shot 1, big toe hurt. Went away. **** 2, other big toe hurt that nite. Went away. Did shot 6, 4 days ago- guess wat? Now original big toe pain. The big question-anyone develop gout from SOC? I figured that the foot Dr needs my money too, not to mention, the Derm doc, the shrink, the rhum Doc, the internist for pain meds, oh and the throat specialist cuz I was given strep over a wk ago. Fulltime job trying to straigten out symptoms. Hmmm. Thanks, in advance!

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by curehepc, Dec 27, 2010
And THEY want us to work to b normal? Huh, no normalicy here!

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by donjoe341, Mar 12, 2011
I have read that lyme disease can bring on Hep. C. Have you looked into this as a possibility. It could explain all of your other symptoms that aren't caused by hep. C.

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