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folic acid

Yesterday heard back from my Hematologist confirming i do have heterozygous MTHFR.   function of this is not fully understood but it is abnormal and could be responsible for blood clotting disorder or inhibition in folic acid absorption.
I was suggested to use Baby aspirin and Folgard and if i do become pregnant have to take Lovonox shots ! Seems a lot but for a healthy baby can do anything.Any of you out there have gone through same and have a healthy baby?
Please let me know your opinion or suggestion/s. Baby dust to all !

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by joby114, Jan 29, 2011
I am 24 weeks preggers.  At 22 weeks went to er found blood clot in veins and arteries.  I stayed in hospital for a week.  I found out that i have mthfr 2 copies and i have something else which caused the clots.  I have a 6 year old lil boy no problems then 2 m/c now this baby boy.  I have to take lovonox shots 2 times a day (they suck)  and iron pills till the 34 week then they will switch me to a different thinner. This is all new to me had no idea anything was wrong,  not sure if this helps at all.  I know that so far baby is doin ok hopefully he will make it full term.  Just wanted u to know that there is hope  cuz he is 24 weeks and still kickin :)

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by OldYeah, Feb 02, 2011
I was diagnosed with the mutation 3 years after my last child.  I also got diagnosed with Lupus on the same ICU stay when the doctor finally found it.  I had been complaining to my doc for years something was wrong and had i not been literally overdosing myself on aspirin for the headaches I would have died.  I take huge elephant doses of coumadin and rarely is my INR therapeutic.  I had so many clots in my lungs and limbs i couldn't even get a filter placed to lower the risk of a heart attack, I was told the filter would clot off before he could close me.  I still have no answers and between the blood disorderand the Lupus I am spinning.  I have no support from anyone cause in the years it took to get diagnosed my family have decided I am on drugs and their is nothing wrong with me.  I get infusions and injections every 2 weeks to maintain a liveable hgb level and I never have any iron in me,  I am so alone and scared and my last reasons for searching for answers just moved in with their Dad because they believe I choose to be sick and I don't want to get better since I am now more hated by my family than a seriel killer.  I hope everyone shows this to their loved ones and it makes them be the support you need and stay by your side cause facing all this alone is crippling and painful.

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by avaa7, Feb 03, 2011
Thanks a lot ladies for your reply. joby114- Yeah Lovenox shots ***** but i am happy to do anything for a healthy baby.
Do you know what dose of lovenox you take?Do you get bruises as well? is there any trick to avoid? I think you will be switch to heparin at the end since it stays in your  body for shorter period ( 12 hrs) while lovenox 24 hrs. hows your baby doing? please keep me posted with your progress.

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by susanwh, Feb 08, 2011
Hi, I work with Neevo. Maybe I can give you some additional insight into MTHFR? MTHFR is a genetic classification. In a practical sense it refers to the amount of MTHFR enzyme in your body. Having MTHFR is an indication that you may be limited in the value you receive from folic acid. You should seek additional folate support from a more focused diet and/or a more modern source of supplementation, such as L-methylfolate or metafolin. Modern prenatal vitamins have begun to include L-methylfolate to help patients with MTHFR.

There are two classifications of MTHFR, homozygous and heterozygous. Homozygous MTHFR is either CC or TT. Approximately 50% of the population is CC which is considered normal. These individuals have an ample amount of the MTHFR enzyme and can easily process folic acid into L-methylfolate. About 10% of the population is TT. These individuals have then than 30% of the normal amount of MTHFR enzyme and cannot process folic acid effectively. They tend to be at risk for adequate folate status. The rest of the population, approximately 40% is heterozygous or CT. They have between 30-70% of normal MTHFR enzyme levels and fall between the two groups outlined about. This give some additional information on MTHFR polymorphism:

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by avaa7, Feb 11, 2011
Thanks for the reply, its really helpful.
My hematologist prescribe me ''folgard (800mcg folic acid) and my OB prescribe me OB complete prenatal vitamins which has 1200 mcg of folate. Do you think its enough for me ( being compound heterozygous MTHFR)? In addition of this I am taking lovenox 40mg/day.

Thanks again.

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by mcunningham, Apr 27, 2012
Hi, I recently delivered a 21 week old baby who had anecephalic. Before deliverying the baby the doctor took the mthfr test and sent it to. Larger hospital. I got the results back showing I had heterozygous mthfr. He put on a 4mg dose of folic acid only. After reading everyone's comments about being on aspirin as well as heparin or lovenox when your pregnant I got concerned. I just want to do everything I can to have a healthy baby. Should I be seen by a high risk doctor? Help

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