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Dec 28, 2010 - 0 comments






I am having strange twingy (if that's even a word) cramp like feelings today.  I did have a few sharp pains in what feels like the left and right sides of my uterus and in the middle.  I did take one of the really sensitive hpts today and of course it was negative.  I know its too early to tell but I couldn't help myself lol!  My progesterone from day 20 (day 21 the lab was closed was 9. something but I ovulated on cd 19)  So I do not know what any of this means I am just trying to keep up with it.  Boobs are still a little sore today but not like yesterday and the day before.  My bra is  not painful anymore.  Crossing fingers, praying, and waiting!

P.M. Update- I have watery mouth and generally feel blah.  I am very gassy and crampy and boobs are getting more sore again.  The left side is way more sore than the right, and I ovulated from the left this month.  Not sure if that is significant.  I am sooooo tired, Me thinks its bed time!

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