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Big Mistake :o(

Sep 02, 2008 - 1 comments






Ok, so the gallbladder is gone.  I am 7 days postop and miserable.  I have not felt this bad in months.  The acid feeling in my throat is bad, and the naseua is worse than ever!  I wish I had never had the operation.  I am so depressed I just cry and cry....  Everyone told me that it's no big deal, and I just wanted to feel better.  I am sorry for my gallbladder which should be in me and not in the trash.

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by Ferraro, Sep 02, 2008
I had my gallbladder out going on two weeks and felt great up until this morning.  I woke up with so much pain and I get naseua after I eat which I never had before.  Now I have to go for an H.Pylori test to see why I have all this acid and heartburn.  Now they think I might have an ulcer.  It's only been 7 days for you.  I would wait and see if it gets better.  Did you get cut for it or was it laproscopic?  


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