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Parvo virus could've caused my miscarriage...?

Dec 30, 2010 - 3 comments

parvo virus







well i went to see my OB today.. apparently in my pathology result it looked like my baby had died in my womb 2 days before i had my miscarriage.. they want me to take some tests for Parvo virus.. they said i was probably infected with that virus that i passed on my baby that may have caused his death. So we'll see whats gonna happen.. for now cervical incompetence diagnosis is being held.. but if blood tests comes back negative for that parvo virus they will rule cervical incompetence.

it was so hard going back to my OB because the last time i went there i heard my baby's heart beat.. i just burst out to tears and couldnt stop.

so... as a result on my way home i got into a car accident. some lady was asking for direction while we are on traffic, didnt see the car infront of me stopped so i bumped to their car and made a few scratches on the bumper but of course i got ticket for careless driving.. great! just enough to end my year.. haaays.... hope i have a better year ahead of me..

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1293887 tn?1332702847
by rccresswell, Dec 30, 2010
I definately know how you feel!!!  I really hope 2011 is a lot better than 2010.  I am having a few teary moments today because I guess it is the end of the year and I want my baby boy back - it still hurts as much as I did when I lost him :)

I really hope you get some answers to explain your miscarriage.  The early days are always really difficult and I longed for my life to fast forward so I didn't have to feel the pain anymore.  I don't think you ever get over it but you definately find it easier to deal with it.  I hope that makes sense.

Take care and I hope you have a great new year :)

1541566 tn?1298558333
by karenlovesbabyKC, Dec 30, 2010
thank you rccresswell! i hope you have a great year ahead of you as well! =)

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by Jhanee, Jan 01, 2011
I came to a conclusion  yesterday. I could look at things a as failures and disappointments or just like changes in direction. As I looked at my life I realized the things I accepted and turned into positives made me happier. When I lost the baby last March I became determined to use my pain to help others and it has I believe. I am have been blessed again, but if I wasn't nothing was going to stop me from trying to make someone elses day better. This is what I have begun to do, smile at everyone and say hello no matter how I feel inside. No matter how my day is going I find one smile can make someone feel alot better. Sometimes I see people that are sad and  God tells me to tell  them it will be okay and hold their hand. Everytime I walk away I feeling better. It is the small things that make us feel better. They  build. Also I go to the mirror I say I love you and are strong and beautiful when I feel really bad. In other words plant seeds in your heart and 2011 will be great for you.

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