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My second chance

Dec 31, 2010 - 0 comments

I have been granted a second chance. I know i have.
I didn't sleep with prostitutes again when i was out of country.
I am going to a new work for which i will be tested again for HIV. I know i have not infected from that cursed night. But still, i am anxious.
I am going to my therapist on jan 17.
Can i get infected from the first time I got tested?
The clinic was for refugees who test for hiv.
The doctor took blood from my thumbs using a tool that pinches my skin with a small needle.
I dont remember if he used a new one. Sometimes i am anxious if he used it after testing for an hiv pos person. I guess doctors know better. I hope they do.
I know i was not infected from the sexual encointer. And wish i wasn't infected from testing for hiv. Negative, going to a new job. This is how I want to be by 31 jan.
Happy new year.

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