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counting down

Jan 02, 2011 - 1 comments




So today is supposed to be the last day I will be taking these pills.  I'm excited but nervous too just because of the withdrawal symptoms I know I'm going to feel.  Long term though it'll be well worth it all, actually short term it will be well worth it all.  I made a couple decisions about changes that I need to and am going to make.  The main one is these pills, but that'll stop with my appointment on Monday.  On Friday, when I get paid, I'm moving me and the girls to an extended stay hotel.   It's $200 a week, but it's better than staying with someone who makes me feel uncomfortable and who I feel really doesn't want me there.  We'll have our own space which is very important to me.  When I move out Friday I'm going to change all of our phone numbers so that theres no way we can have any contact.  Sometimes a person is just no longer good for you and I know that is the situation here.  This is long overdue.  I'm happy though. I finally feel like things are starting to come together, slowly but surely:)

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by TheLightSeeker, Jan 02, 2011
Welcome!  Here's an easy recipe for anything you want! Just put your greatest  attention and intention into it!.

"I'm willing to do
whatever it takes,
no matter what,
to make myself
better and better.
Everyday and Everyway".

Repeat 108 consecutive times daily!  Minimum 21 days. Optimum40 days. And mean it each time!

To remove obstacles repeat the following Mantra also 108 consecutive times daily. Same as above.
"Om, gom, gunna patayei Namaha"     It is in Sanskrit.

If something happens and you miss a day, it's your Ego interfering with your Spirit.
You must start from the beginning again.


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