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My Topamax Journey Jan 2 2011

Jan 02, 2011 - 1 comments

Not much to report. Been sick with FLU for 2 weeks because of the FLU SHOT. 3rd time this has happened to me after I've had a flu shot. I'll never have another one. All you medical people can kiss my *** with "the flu shot doesn't cause the flu". Yes, it does. I'm a germophobe. GermX is my best friend. I make my kids use it. I wasn't sick before the flu shot. Maybe it doesn't technically cause it. But it causes pseudo-flu symptoms just as powerful as the regular flu so what's the ******* difference. HUH? There is none. So kiss my ***. I want those 2 weeks of my life back you assholes.

Back to the Topamax. My hair is starting to slowly fall out. Two weeks ago I upped the Biotin to 15,000 mcg a day. Yes that's correct. And 3 Super B Complex's a day. Plus I still take 1 gram Chromium a day. I'm seeing about 10-15 hairs a day in my brush where before I only saw like 1-2.

See the doc on the 11th I think. I still might ask him to up it to 200 a day. I like the calming effect. If the hair loss gets worse I'll go back down. If it doesn't help otherwise, I'll drop back down.

Tingling about the same, not too bad at all. Memory recall is getting better than it was. Still a pain sometimes. Still having some problems with vocab but I've been reading the dictionary again like I used to (yes that's what nerds do) to refresh my brain.

Weight 151. Same. But then again I've been lying in bed doing absolutely nothing. Thanks to all the brilliant medical people who say the FLU SHOT won't give you THE FLU.

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by TheLightSeeker, Jan 02, 2011
Hey LittleRottenPea !
I like your Attitude.
You're not the only one with Flu shot problems. I hear this all the time.
My friend has had the worse 3 winters of his life, since he started taking the flu vaccine 3 years ago.
Some people are slow learners!

Helpful healthy suggestions:
Vitamin D3 5000mg, Omega 3 (from sardines and anchovies) 3 x 1000mg, 3T extra virgin Coconut oil* raw or on toast
and as much needed for ALL the cooking (I got rid of all the cooking oils-they create free radicals), extra virgin olive oil added fresh only-not in cooking, Vitamin C 2000mg with bio-flavonoids, 2-3 T organic raw apple cider vinegar, and raw unprocessed grey sea salt. (no table salt!)
These are my top items for wellness. Hardly  get sick anymore.
I don't know much about meds and pharmacology. I may be pharmaphobic or anti-med or both. Took years of study in Holistic Health, Energy Medicine and Spiritual Psychotherapy to get where I am. And I'm having fun seeing real results in people I counsel that have been suffering for years.

Nice to see that you're open to complementary and alternative.
For thinning hair coconut oil internally and externally (before and after washing hair- mix with warm water and massage scalp). Alternate every 2nd hair wash with pre-treatment of fenucreek powder mixed with water the day before. Just massage the same way and let sit for 30 minutes before washing. Avoid commercial shampoos. Check the cosmetics data base on the net.
You'll be shocked to find out what's in most products in the marketplace. Use 100% natural olive oil for your hair if you can.
Do a search and you'll find a lot of beneficial things you can use for healthy hair.
Also try to de-stress. Very important! Download free "Emotional Freedom Techniques" manual.
Basic application is easy to do on your own and fast!

I can go on forever. Anyway my last contribution tonight:
  Here's an easy recipe for anything you want!
Just put your greatest  attention and intention into it!.

"I'm willing to do
whatever it takes,
no matter what,
to make myself
better and better.
Everyday and Everyway".

Repeat 108 consecutive times daily!  Minimum 21 days. Optimum40 days. And mean it each time!

To remove obstacles repeat the following Mantra also 108 consecutive times daily. Same as above.
"Om, gom, gunna patayei Namaha"     It is in Sanskrit.

If something happens and you miss a day, it's your Ego interfering with your Spirit.
You must start from the beginning again.


*EVCO is the only oil that helps you lose weight (increases metabolism), does not get stored as fat, is anti-viral, anti-fungal,
anti-parasitic, anti-microbial, stable when heated and great brain fuel( crosses the blood-brain barrier).
Also great for mouth, gum and dental health, when used for swishing 1st thing in the morning for 20 minutes and then spitting it out and rinsing well. Check out oil pulling.

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