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Chapter 3 - The 3rd IVF, GO BABY GO!!! The continuation...

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Well what a day!  I've been up since 6 am, at 6:30 am I had acupuncture for an hour, implant then more acupuncture.  The acupuncture this morning was great I got this real buzz and it felt super!  I am really taking to the acupuncture because it makes my insides feel all buzzy, like things are moving around inside.  Apparently that is the Chi being stimulated.  Well it feels great and I love it.

So I came home around 10:30 am and went to bed and I've just woken up and the buzz is still buzzing! Yeah!  It's now like 3:30 pm so what a great sleep.  Sleep really works for me, so I think this has been really good for me.  I've got to get up and get the study ready for my Uncle who is coming to visit tonight for a few days.  so I've got a few days off, actually I've got today and tomorrow off from the bank and my Mother-in-Law will be working at the balloon shop with Dianne and Monday I drop my Uncle at the airport for a 6:20 am flight and then I've got a lunch with my girlfriend Tania - An early start to my birthday celebrations.  So all in all I've got all my ducks lined up for the next few days.  I'm going to do all the Sydney touristy things with my Uncle, which is always nice because you kind of forget how nice it is were you live.

Man, I feel really happy.  I'm just happy and feeling the positive vibes and ready for the TWW.  Mind you I would rather not have to do my washing and stuff, but it has to be done and that's that.  Bar Hum Bug to cleaning.  Unfortunately I'm rather anal and (comes with being a virgo) and things have to be nice and neat and clean all the time.  But I am getting a little lazy because I'm going to put all the mess in the printer box (from the printer we bought the other day) and take it down to the garage and worry about it latter.  So there you go all I have to do is; washing, folding, empty the dishwasher, load the dishwasher and clean out the study.  When Marc gets home he'll take the box down to the garage and bring up the spare bed.  All in all that's not so bad.

I love my hubby, he's so cool he just rang me to see how I was doing and was so pleased that my attitude was so positive and happy!  I told him that if we ever have to do this again I don't think I should go to work because I wouldn't feel this good if I was at work...  He says, "You just don't want to work, I like it you are pre positioning the fact that you don't want to work".  Well he is right and as he also said wouldn't it be great if we never had to work...  Ahh the life of a lady of leisure - my dream life...  It's quite funny though because Marc is South African and his Mum and sister are both ladies of leisure.  His sister is a South African Princess and his Mum only works at the balloon shop for something to do, but the both of them had one of those charmed lives where they played tennis, had lunch with girlfriends and went shopping.  A lot of that still goes on too you know.  Man that is the life!

Ok time too motivate myself to clean - here I go...  Ok, now...  Really I'm going now, just after I check my facebook... Hehehehee

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